We’re the two in the very front! 

We’re currently taking a break while I’m away at college because unfortunately the distance was going to be too much for him, but I can’t wait to come home in 9 months and make him fall in love with me all over again! 

 breakingthestereotypes.tumblr.com (taken in Disney Land California)

murlamae said:

Hi! Once you get this, you have to publicly say five things you like about yourself and send this to your ten favorite followers :)

Okay Marla. Geez…

1. I like the fact that I can swim really well

2. I feel I’m pretty good of a Pokemon trainer

3. I’m an avid reader

4. I love how sexy I feel in a tanktop

5. I can whistle like really well

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What’s your favorite…

6. Book:
Running with Scissors

19. Website other then tumblr:
Amazon. Imma total junkie when it comes to amazon lol

22. Animal:
Elephant🐘 they are so cute and sweet and just old souls and I’m obsessed