Poor kids can succeed! Also I don’t understand what an anomaly is, just wanted to throw that out there.
—  Shit People Respond With

(me & suho vs my husband obviously calling me to ask why i’m posting such vulgar pictures)

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I’m sorry, I honestly don’t understand why people are so pissed that Camila is in London without the other girls? It’s like the most ridiculous thing to be bitter about.

*sighs deeply*

armsmadeforyou replied to your post “You should just enjoy it ! Don’t think too much,that will bring a lot…”

my opinion is it cant get any worse, with zayn leaving we literally hit rock bottom. if we were wrong about the stunt, then 1d is prob done which isnt necessarily bad imo, its either 5 or none

Yeah, I feel you, Kelly. I was talking about the same thing with Krystal: in the off chance this stunt isn’t a stunt, then I don’t see this OT4 thing lasting much longer. We’re already seeing their dynamics so off and a lack of unity that should assure us that they remain strong even being a man short— it’s not very comforting to have them (supposedly) writing stuff separately when they just lost 20% of their vocal power. :/

I honestly can’t see this situation dragging for much longer either. One Direction are a five-piece and that’s final. We either get Zayn ‘back’ or this 5th album will most likely be their last.

Me last night: Harry posts a color IG with a word associated Louis. Wait for the chick pics. Wait for it.

Me right now: I should be the new Miss fucking Cleo.

Also, does Louis exist now in some sort of space/time continuum where all knowledge and evidence of his whereabouts and wellbeing are delayed by 24-48 hours? IT’S ALMOST LIKE IT’S ON PURPOSE.

Beginning of an End

There were obvious ups and downs to have a temporary roommate who seemed bent on his own self destruction. Cyrus Rax tended to wander in at all hours of the day and night but that was never a big deal for a slicer that never seemed to sleep anyway, just catching rest and z’s stretched out on the comfortable captain’s chair set up near his consoles.

It was when he came blundering in and breaking shit that it seemed a downer. Rax blamed the packed-too-tight clutter and overflowing shelves, a direct inability to getting around with bleary eyes and a balance too sunk by drugs, drink or exhaustion. Birdy thought he just needed to spend more time sober, but maybe they were both right.

The upsides were more subtle. Company, for one. Reasons to unplug from his system and stretch out a bit to reconnect with the good things reality had to offer.

“Maybe you oughta put some clothes on,” Birdy called out to the big man sprawled on the couch in nothing but his boxers, socks, and a glazed look of faraway thought.

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anonymous asked:

Knuxadow :p

  • collects rocks:
    Knuckles; shiny rocks are shiny treasures to share with the boyfriend
  • takes pictures of the other while they’re asleep:
    Knuckles; only because Shadow sleeping is a rare sight
  • gets drunk and breaks shit:
    Shadow; he thinks it’s super funny, especially when drunk
  • can’t swim
    Shadow; He can swim but he’s not as strong of a swimmer as Knuckles.
  • remembers to feed the fish:
    Shadow; only because Knuckles would over feed it if he even knew they had fish
  • puts up Christmas decorations in November:
    Knuckles; he cares more about the decorations then the appropriateness of it
  • sends inappropriate texts and SnapChats while the other is in a meeting:
    Knuckles; favorites are pics of things that look super phallic
  • makes Sims just to drown them in the pool
    Shadow; he’s convinced it’s the only thing that gives him joy
  • brings the other coffee at work:
    Shadow; since Knuckles usually forgets to take care of himself when he’s guarding the Master Emerald
  • takes gym locker room selfies:
    Knuckles; loves seeing his hot bod while Shadow photobombs him
  • signs them up for tennis lessons and a salsa-making class:
    Knuckles; he’s a curious echidna and is interested in lots of things but is too nervous to do it alone so it’d be easier if Shadow was there too so they can be dorks together
  • forgets to charge the other’s iPad and leaves it dead on the coffee table:
    Shadow; he’s up all night doing G.U.N work that Knuckles can’t play Sonic Runners what an asshole

yeah tolkein probably didn’t anticipate how bad he messed up by leaving the seduction of mairon so vague…….like if he’d just explained……..did melkor have good campaign ads? did he show mairon a 300 slide powerpoint presentation on why Evil is the Way of the Future? I’m sorry mr tolkein but bc you never specified im free to assume that mairon had a big embarrassing eternal crush on melkor and they held hands a lot and also probably the powerpoint happened at some point. you can’t stop me.