People are always so shocked when they found out I can eat portions for two and three people.

"You’re vegan you’re not supposed to eat that much."

I call bull shit. Let’s break this down:

Breakfast: oats with fruit
Lunch: fruit bowl or salad
Snacks: smoothies, veggies and hummus, or fruit

By the time dinner rolls around, my stomach is ready for heavy solid foods to fill it up and settle longer than the minutes that fruits and veggies do.

Fruits and veggies digest the fastest. In a matter of 20-30 minutes, where as soy meats and breads and combinations of such take longer.

That’s why vegans snack all the time (hence why I have a snack baggy in my purse always.)

Don’t be shocked if a vegan puts away more food than you. Their systems are ready and equipped to digest breakdown and use the nourishment a they put in it immediately. Whereas yours is weighed down with animal products and toxins.

Just another reason to go vegan.

ALSO, AND I’M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS, LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW RON LEFT THE MINISTRY AFTER A COUPLE OF YEARS TO HELP GEORGE RUN WEASLEYS’ WIZARD WHEEZES. Now I have no doubt that that job takes an extraneous amount of effort but I am betting 100000% that his career is less demanding than Hermione’s.

Which means Ron is probably the more hands-on parent.

Which means Ron Weasley as a stay-at-home dad is practically canon.