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Paleo Cranberry Scones are a healthy, tasty breakfast for the holiday season! They’re made with cashew flour, which lowers the sugar and adds healthy nutrients to the dish.  Cashews are lower in fat than other nuts, and the fat that is in there can actually help lower your triglycerides.  The cashew flour also adds a rich, delicious flavor and keeps these scones moist.  

Beckett's Easy Healthy Breakfast Thing

alright lads lets embark on a wonderful journey that, lbr, you could probably go on by yourself but hey sometimes journeys are intimidating so its okay to want to have a buddy the first couple times. this journey is to the wonderful world of throwing a bunch of random fridge ingredients together and making something awesome. 

this recipe im about to show you is egg based, so its not vegan, but it can be completely customised to adhere to any other dietary restrictions and preferences. and hey, if youre a crafty vegan you might be able to figure out a way to make it work for you too. i wont be of much help to you though. 

anywho lets get cooking. im going to show you what i make and then afterwards ill talk about how you can customise it for you. 

what youll need (toolwise):

  • stove
  • microwave
  • pan (for making eggs, so whatever you usually use for that)
  • spatula
  • knife
  • cutting board
  • plate/fork/etc. 

what youll need (ingredients):

  • 2 eggs 
  • butter or oil (for the cooking of the eggs) 
  • 1 tortilla (i use fajita size flour tortillas, but it would work with p much any other kind (smaller tortillas might be a problem though)
  • shredded cheese (about a handful) (i use mozzarella but any melty kind will work)
  • fresh spinach (about a handful, rinsed and with the stems removed if youre not into that (im not into that))
  • half an avocado 
  • ranch dressing or hummus 
  • salt/pepper/other spices to taste (probably not needed tbh)

once youve got everything together youll want to:

  1. first lay out your tortilla on your plate and sprinkle your cheese on top. zap it in the microwave for ehhh about 30 seconds or until the cheese gets nice and melty.
  2. let that cool down while you slice up your avocado. remove the skin and pit and cut it longways into 1/2 cm slices
  3. go ahead and start your eggs now. throw a pat of butter or tiny bit of oil in your pan and let it heat up over low-medium heat. once its nice and hot (when the butter is completely melted), swirl around your butter or oil to coat the bottom of the pan and crack in your eggs. i like mine over medium (slightly runny yolks) so what i do is let them fry until the whites are almost completely done, then flip them and let them cook for about a minute more. 
  4. while your egg is cooking, spread ranch dressing or hummus on top of the cheese on the tortilla. the cheese should be cool enough that it doesnt turn into a sticky mess. you dont want to drown the thing in ranch or hummus, just a thin layer is good.
  5. before your egg is finished, put your avocado slices in a single layer on top of the ranch, then cover with your spinach.
  6. when the egg is done, slide it directly out of the pan right onto the bed of spinach. season if you like but dont overdo it, theres lots of flavors there already. 
  7. the hard part here is how to eat it. if youre skilled at rolling burritos heres your chance to show the world that you can roll breakfast things too. usually i just fold it over in half like an omelette and pick it up to eat it. 

and there you have it folks. the whole thing takes about ten to fifteen minutes including prep, and can be customised infinitely. 

heres some ways you can do that: 

everything is optional. except probably the egg. unless youre a wizard. leave off the spinach if you want, or add some kale if youre into that and have it on hand. leave off the cheese (and thus skip the microwave bit) if you like. dont like avocado? dont worry friend, its your breakfast thing, you can do what you want.

use different stuff. i bet you could make a damn good sandwich if you have a couple big pieces of bread and used that instead of the tortilla. or in addition to the tortilla, idk, this is your thing now. use salsa instead of ranch or hummus and make it tex mex. add some sriracha and break your capsaicin receptors. its all good bro.

fix your eggs different. sunny side up, over easy, well done, scrambled, poached, even boiled and sliced. probably not egg salad, but if you want to try it im not going to stop you. just come back and tell me how it was because im curious. 

add some other stuff. bacon would be good here, or idk some lunchmeat or roasted bell peppers or leftover veggies. you do you. 

make it for meals other than breakfast if youre feeling really adventurous. throw some chili on there. idk how that would turn out but i bet you could do it. believe in yourself, buddy, thats the ticket

so yeah! thats the easy healthy breakfast thing. go forth and journey on, and let me know if you come up with some good combinations, bc im always looking for more. :)