The next batch of Transformers: Prime charms is complete!!!

This time you’re gonna get a whole lot of variety! from both sides of the teams. I’m also going to include the reversible kid’s charms because it works out well for my plans to make a lazerbeak charm as well~

I’m going to order all these charms by the end of next week and after that they’ll be available sometime mid May!

If you want to check out what charms I have available now, check out my online store!

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robaschi asked:

I have not seen any Breakdown oviposition stuff on your blog yet. Like, seriously.

Breakdown probs gives up some swole eggs, like damn. He fills you up and rubs your stomach and jiggles it about while telling you how strong they’re gonna be, how cute they’ll be because they’re yours.

He also fills up to the brim with cum like he has to hold you upwards for any of it to even stay in there. He growls and even plugs you with midcables to make sure ti stays in there until he’s sure you’re carrying.

But then he’s super caring and sweet when you are carrying, and he thinks a lil round tum is super cute on you like wow. Hes v cuddly and likes to hold you to his spark so the eggs can feel it.

And when its time to give birth he’s there the whole time, coaxing eggs from you and holding you in his midcables. When you’re exhausted he brings you water and rubs your shoulder. He loves to cuddle afterwards.

Breakdown is literally the cutest someone help