After tossing Skylar out of his room his mind returned to him. Looking down and seeing the blood coating his hands he began to breath heavy. Slowly Maddox lifted his head seeing a trail of blood drops lead to the playroom. Creeping towards it he saw the destruction he had caused. Shaking Maddox backed away until he hit the wall, sliding down it he felt his panic attack creep into him and struggled to breath. He barely heard the knock on the door of Kristen’s voice calling his name.


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I request a writers choice

You know who probs has the cutest sparkplay sex? Nurse Cutie Pie~

"Hey fleshy!"
"Nah, today wasn’t too hard, just a lil skirmish. I’m a lil sore tho."
"Nah, you don’t have to do that.. Wait are you?"
"Ahhn, don’t tug it, just stroke it."
"Heheh, I can’t believe you’re doing this I ahhn."
"Primus~ thats good, just roll it around in your palms~"
"Heh, never thought of my spark as pretty."
"Ooooh, yesss."
"Ahnn, its wrapping around your hand cuz i like you. It wants to bond."
"Primus, I’d love to bond to you."
"A-aaHH! YES!"
"Sorry for being so loud. No, no, you didn’t hurt me at all."
"Heh, now, what am I gonna do to you?"

From: Darowen
To: hellovivirose


My OTPs are Knock Out x Breakdown (tfp), Knock Out x Smokescreen x Bumblebee (tfp), Megatron x Starscream (tfp), Drift d Rodimus (mtmte), or Knock Out with anyone really (feel free to get creative!)

Other characters I love (in addition to the above): Blades (rescue bots), Whirl (mtmte), Tailgate (mtmte), Knock Out (tfp), Dreadwing (tfp)

Nsfw is a-okay with me!

Of Gods and Mortals

His nose hit the ground, cutting it it up as several flakes of rust fell from his crown. His servos scrambled and pulled himself up, energon leaking leaking from the tips. He heard his brother, Vam’dar calling for him. Nothing good ever came when his brother tried to make him pure again. It only brought more suffering to The Niergi’s life and more rust to his crown.

His spark pulsed as he pushed his way around the ridges of a recent battlefield. He’d gotten too close and Vam’dar had seen him and chased him down. To the mortal optic, he did not look like the god he was supposed to be. Perhaps there was the occasional one that knew who his legend, recognizing the rust crown.

It was then they usually left him behind. No one wanted The Traitor in their midst. 

He took a gently step on a ridge, only for the stone to fall out from from underneath him. He tumbled down the rock face and rolled till he hit the legs of someone. Dirt and energon crisscrossed on his face. His crown was enchanted to never brake, he knew it was so because it didn’t break one of thousand times he tried to. All it did was remind him of what he had lost.

Optics flickering, he looked up and realized he rolled straight into a mortal. He squeaked and pushed himself away with fright, pulling his tattered cloak over himself a bit.