1614. In the episode "Revved Up", the item in the case was pictures of Starfire and Robin on a date. The reason he didn't want anyone to know about it was because: 1. He didn't want the teasing. 2. He didn't want to have the TALK with Batman. 3. The most important reason, he believed if any villain knew they were dating, they'd use Starfire against him.

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dude, your girlfriend is an alien amazon who can shoot lazers from her eyes and breath in space, I  think she should be worrying about you, fleshy human.

-Jack Doe

Fujifilm X Globe-Trotter X Harrods – X-Pro1 Briefcase

Fujifilm is not taking any shortcuts when it comes to the promotion for their latest X-Pro1 digital camera. This camera is the first model from the series to feature the interchangeable lens. Fujifilm partnered with Globe-Trotter and Harrods to design this exclusive briefcase, which safely houses the body, lenses, and filters. The all black case is accented by tan colored leather corners, handle, custom name tag, and gold latches that could make James Bond envious. Lenses included in the package are 18mm, 35mm, and 60mm sizes and there will only be 12 of these cases available exclusively at Harrods in London