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Hii, I'm bored too, but I have nothing good to say. Sorry </3 I love your blog, though. One of my favorites! I might as well ask a question that I ask like, everyone. What bands have you seen live? (I'm just assuming you've seen bands live, lol.)

Aw! Thanks so much!

I’ve seen Teddy Geiger, Rob Thomas, Train, and Downtown Fiction, The Early November, All Time Low, and We The Kings. I’m hoping to get tickets for FOB! 

I never realized that I’ve actually seen that many… that’s a lot for me. Wow. 

What about you?

100 followers away from my first 1,000! I literally love you all, thanks so much. I’ve never had this many followers before on any blog EVER. This is great.

It may not be a lot to some of you, but to me it’s a lot. Let’s get me to 1,000!