brb pizza


Lawd I was so cute today. I put on a shirt for class worry you not.
My eyes look fantastic in that pic.
I wish I had the courage to wear that outfit out. I will someday. Because it’s so damn cute and my fluff doesn’t puff out in it.

I went shopping! Spontanously!!

What I got:

  • New bra which is very cute and pretty and almost fits, it’s just a little too small. But I needed a new one and it’s the one that fit the most, woohoo. I also found the perfect bra shape for me (balconette bras), but they only had it in small sizes, gdi.
  • A khaki-ish jacket for autumn/winter which looks very Dean Winchester-like and I love it! uwu
  • Weird bustier thingy you wear under tops with a lot of cleavage (where you’d else wear a top, but like this it only covers your chest and not your whole torso.) It’s pretty cool.

I’m very happy, this was a successful day. Except we actually don’t have any money but I’m trying not to feel guilty…..

thegreendeceiver replied to your postthegreendeceiver replied to your post: Mal’s not…

The sad thing is though, if I were there, I’d probably get up and get you some pizza. And a soda. And maybe some chips. EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T ASK FOR THEM.

i just figured out where i wnat to spend my next summer

can u guess


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one song: Jem - 24
two movies: basically anything with Amanda Seyfried (?), basically anything with Richard Armitage (?) *facepalms* judge me all you want, I don’t care, I just want morafen 
three shows: Game of Thrones, aaand… that’s it? Unbelievable… Salem, and Vikings
four people:  … just so I’m not repeating myself I’m gonna say Emma Stone, Aleksandr Domogarov, Meryl Streep, and Elena Ivanova  
five foods: hummus, spinach, ice cream, apple beer (OH RIGHT I GOT THAT IN THE FRIDGE, BRB), pizza
six people to tag: cognxscens​, agentharrisonofshield​, lucxsnorth​, fxnrisulfr​, fxllenwolf

I feel like this is wayyyy too true. I’ve never really “sexted”, but like, boys on kik used to try to get me to “imagine” things with them (pretty much in the form of suckish 1st person roleplay) and I played along because it amused me and i was really just watching the Avengers and doing tumblr stuff while doing that XD and they were all like “how is this making you feel?” and I’d be like “it feels like I’m going to go make pizza rolls. brb.”