Hanging out in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, the renowned Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione took advantage of the location to continue his 1000 Shadows project, a series of works where he paints floating silhouettes on floors and walls. In this setting, one can imagine the poor souls that used to live in this place. 

Ocellate River Stingray - Potamotrygon motoro

Potamotrygon motor (Rajiformes - Potamotrygonidae) is a species of freshwater stingray endemic to, and widespread throughout, several South American river systems.

These stingrays can be distinguished from closely related species by the presence of orange to yellow dorsal eyespots, each surrounded by a black ring, with diameters larger than the eyes. Body color is otherwise greyish-brown. They are oval in shape with a robust tail, bearing a venomous spine. Maximum total length has been reported at 100 centimeters and maximum weight at 15 kg, though individuals tend to be much smaller.

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Photo credit: ©Jason Hering | Locality: Cuiaba river, Matto Grosso, Amazon, Brazil - captive (2008)