I’m gonna… Umm.

Text-> Cal
  • Bray:Um..... I have a baby...
  • Bray:Like Biologically.
  • Bray:And it's currently sitting in my room
  • Bray:It's bouncing on my bed
  • Bray:She keeps saying she wants to watch Ooomi Zoomi? What is that?

I was out with Bray and Cam earlier this week and some lady asked me how old Bray was and I told her he’d be two in July. Which she proceeds to reply with “Oh he’s so big for almost 24 months”

… At the age of 1 is when you should give up on the whole baby age in months CRAP. He’s a year old, going on 2.  How long does this months thing go on, am I going to have to introduce my kid at 18 like “oh yeah he’s 216 months old” like just… just no.

{ooc: More thoughts about GOT AU:

  • Nikki Bella is the evil Queen {Cersei-like}
  • Cena is the King
  • THE SHIELD are trying to take over the kingdom in secret but they’re basically a band of sell swords
  • Seth falls for the Dragon Queen {Diva TBD} - Turns on his band of brothers
  • Roman has a little sister that he’s bond to protect {He had found her when she was a baby - they are of no blood relation}
  • Dean falls for said sister and vows to protect her at all costs {No one knows of their affair}
  • Wade Barrett and his sister Paige rule one of the Kingdoms of Westeros {They’re pretty evil themselves - He promises she will be the queen of everything one day}
  • The Wyatt Family are the warlocks of the underworld { Bray is a worg }

When we arrived in Dublin, Andrea and myself wandered around the big city before we went to Damien’s in Bray.

I brought her to the George’s Arcade to get froyo, since she never had it before. I got the natural yoghurt with meringue, Oreo bits, rocky road and brownie chunks and some jelly babies all nice and frozen. I love it, sweet and crunchy with a tang.

But I didn’t know that there was a bubble tea place in the arcade. Funny that today a year ago I tried bubble tea for the first time, at a convention we refer to as ‘shit con’. I think I passed out on the table from lack of sleep. But the bubble tea was awesome, I got blueberry and green tea with strawberry bubbles. Andrea got passion fruit and red tea with strawberry bubbles. More of it ended up on my sweater than in my mouth because sucking up those bubbles when you aren’t used to it is surprising and can make one dribble.

This little Gator had fun having some swim time with his big brother.  Cam loves having a big brother as much as Bray loves having him as a little brother.  And I just… love my kids so much!