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  • Bray:i know i said i knew which one of these cat toys for babies that i wanted to buy but when i got here, i discovered that there are a lot of different brands so which one should i even buy????
  • Bray:why is this one called fisher price?? what do fish have anything to do with baby toys
  • Bray::\ i don't know what i'm supposed to be buying

I was tagged by fluffedroses ^~^ I did this before but I’ll do it again~! :D

Nickname: Dino or Manda
Gender: Female
Height: like 5′4
Time and date: 4/22/2015, 6:17 EST
Average hours of sleep: like 3
Lucky number(s): 18, 12, 77
The last thing I googled:  Wikipedia Deleted articles with freaky titles (an interesting read)
First word that comes to mind: Bears (I’m listening to “Go, Spine Go” and that’s the first word I heard xP)
How many blankets do I sleep under: One, but even that’s too much sometimes. Usually just a sheet.
Favorite fictional character: I can’t choose between my babies!!
Favorite famous people: pretty much everyone ever involved in Steam Powered Giraffe, Emilie Autumn, Freddie Mercury, Chris Evans, Markiplier… 
Favorite book: The Diviners by Libba Bray (READ IT READ IT READ IT!!)
Favorite musicians: (I’m assuming this means bands) Steam Powered Giraffe, Queen, The Smiths
Last movie I saw in the cinema: Big Hero 6, I think
Dream holiday: A cottage in the woods
Dream job: Teacher
Wearing right now: Jeans and a T-shirt that says “The Force is Strong In This One”

I tag: artisticloony, genecos, chillpeaches, captinwakajack82, gaminganddrawingismehlife and anyone else who wants to because I can’t remember many URLs off the top of my head!

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Him cooling off has nothing to do with Reigns, they literally sacrificed him for Bray Wyatt to look better before Wrestlemania. They made him look like an idiot in that feud and Bray came out victorious and then started building for Taker. Then they sacrificed Dean again this time for Daniel Bryan's cry baby fans. Stop trying to pit Roman and Dean fans against each other, Roman LOST at mania and is feuding with Big Show that's hardly "heating up"


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Name: Bray

Average hours of sleep: On weekdays I get about 5. On weekends I get like 20 XD

Last thing I googled: Marilyn Manson lyrics

Nickname: Bray Bray, lil baby bray, scrub, bae, Emo 9000, Clove (by my goth friends)

Birthday: August 8 2000

Sexual orientation: Honestly, IDK. I think I’m pan

Height: 5'5

Favorite color: red or black

The one place that makes you happy: Hot Topic

Favorite film: Halloween and Montage of Heck

What I’m wearing right now: PJ pants and a Lisa Simpson shirt. Sweg .-.

Last book I read: Does the Friday the 13th screenplay count?

Most used phrase: Fuck off, scrub

First word that comes to mind: umm….WORM

Favorite food: DEEZ NUTS

Last film I watched in theaters: Cinderella. It was quite aesthetically pleasing!

Dream vacation: San Diego Comic Con. Does that count?

Dream pet: Patrick Stump

Dream job: Musician. I have a band and I can play the guitar like a mother fucker

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