DIVINERS FANART because this book was my favourite of 2012! 

i wanted to do the whole gang but jdkskjf six is just TOO much for me handle so i decided just to draw this little love triangle 

is this the part where i enthusiastically scream TEAM JERICHO or something i just dont know

if you don't have at least one character you call "my baby" on the show you are yet to be a part of the fandom


I’m gonna… Umm.


Since Daphne and Wren were both in a good mood I had them start on the skillin right away. I don’t always show this stuff with every baby but know that it is ALL done because I’m kind of a perfectionist in that way. 

Bray Wyatt had me crying like a damn baby and especially when I heard the gong. Then he decided to sit up and be all cute and shit. How can you be mad when the villain looks like a pretty precious ass baby? That was amazing. I was still crying after I saw Bray because that was too awesome! Lol. Wrestling. Wow. I cried twice tonight. I'm such a wimp.

bluuraee is the best. like the best best. like everyone needs one in their lives. she’s just clutch. she’s just “that nigha” like if i could of gotten pregnant by her, i probably would of let it happen. straight no pull out texas. like my babies would be artistic, and cute, and have dimples, annnnnnnnnnnd fuzzy eyebrows. Bray is cute. B money is my homie. His parents did some good with that one. But even the best thing in the world could be better.