The Jack Carbine from Haley Strategic Partners and Bravo Company Manufacturing is now available for order. Introductory price is $1,995.

[Download the order form here.]

A reader on the ITS Announcement post commented with this:

"What impresses me about the BCM HSP The Jack – is it’s a no B.S. carbine. Everything on there, every component is well thought out and planned. Mr. Haley and company is building tools. Well made tools that are meant to be used and relied upon day-after-day."

- Mike


It gets awesome at 1:39.

All said, a nice video about the history of carbines as a whole.


The Cold Harbor Carbine

I Remember reading on blackpowderredearth's Facebook page a few weeks ago that a rifle was in the works inspired by the graphic novel series itself. And today they unveiled some pictures and info about it.

The rifle itself is called the Cold Harbor Carbine. And much like the HSP Jack Carbine, the rifle is a collaboration between BCM and Joint Force Enterprises. Really interested to see how this thing is gonna look when it’s finished. Also want to know the cost…