0 Goals, 3 Shirts

"For several years now, Claudio Bravo has decided that whenever he does not concede any goals in a match, he will donate his jersey to a child. More specifically, a child with a medical condition or decline.

'One day, a kid in a wheelchair called me to greet me when I came home from Anoeta. I took my shirt and gave it to him. You could not imagine how his face lit up. I think sometimes players do not realize we have the happiness of many children in our hands. That kid gave me a lesson and encouraged me to carry out this initiative' he said.

With his arrival to Barcelona, ​​Claudio Bravo will not change his ritual. After a record zero goals have been conceded in his first three games, Bravo has already prepared three shirts from the Elche, Villarreal, and Athletic matches to give away. Although Bravo usually prefers to keep his solidarities anonymous, his goal now is to go to hospitals and personally present the children with the gifts, thus trying to help them to forget disease - even if only for a little while.” [md]

Venus ~ Claudio Bravo  /  San Antonio Museum of Art

In the 1960’s, Claudio Bravo became a popular society portrait painter, and his hyperrealist portraits were highly sought by rich and famous. His virtuosity and photo-realistic paintings, often depicting draped cloth and paper-wrapped packages, demonstrate influence of the Spanish Baroque masters, such as Francisco de Zubaran (1598 -1664). Bravo’s paintingsand drawings are in the most important museum collections of the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In 1994, the National Museum of of Fine Arts in Santiago mounted a large retrospective of his work.

Venus represents Bravo at his best. Here, he expertly captures the female form in full bloom and thoroughly captures the attention and imagination of the viewer. Bravo’s successful treatment of drapery is characteristic of his skill in the use of trompe-l’oeil technique.

(source: SAMA)