Hey everyone! It’s christmas time! YAY! Today I make exactly 1 year on tumblr, and I have achieved 5000 followers, so This is a very special follow forever! I’ve made this to thank everyone of you for keep following me after 1 year and being so cute, amazing and wonderful person, not just only for the blogs below, but also for all my followers, you guys, make me smile everyday :) below is the list of blogs that I follow and admire so much, this blogs make my experience here ever better and all are part of my heart. I LOVE ALL OF YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING INCREDIBLE PERSONS <3  {sorry for my bad english}

A:accio-dan; anondracomalfoy; accio-my-felton; a-magia-e-eterna; acciomisswatson; accio-the-king;

B:  bravesnape; brave-neville; bonwrights; brightwatson; broomstix; buckbeakisback;

C: cruciu-s; cruciothereindeer; cartadehogwarts; champion-triwizard;

D:  d-iffindo; dear-siriusblack; dear-radcliffe; darkflights; d-ailyprofet; draco-do-you-mind-if-i-slytherin; darkmarks;

E:  embuscadasreliquiasdamorte; evannaspatronus;

F: fifteen-galleons; foreverhermione;

G:  grangerie;

H:harmony-y; hogwartsfrost; hermionified; h-e-r-m-i; hogwartianos; hogwands; h-0-g-s-m-e-a-d-e; hey-romioneh-horcrux; 

I:itwasdraco; it-s leviosa; instantremorse; i-am-lord-trolldemort; itsahorcruxx; iwilldieasapotterhead; iamiweasley;

J:  justtrustsnape; just-hermione;

L:  lordslytherin; leviosadraco; lovershagrid; l-ongbottom; levioosing; lestranges; legilimen-s; lulovegood; loversrowling; lets-crucio; lost-wands; letterofhogwarts;

M: mydraco; m—orsmordre; meowmalfoy; mudbloodx; marvoloriddles; mistletoenargles; miss-hp; mundoharry; my-dear-hogwarts; mandrakescry; makeawisharry; mountaintrolls;

N:  nao-devo-contar-mentiras; nevillles; nargules; narcissamalfoys;

O:  ohlumos, ohremus, ohfirebolt, o-clumencia, ohdear-prongs;

P: primortentia; pottertilltheend; perfectdanielradcliffe; pottersir; pomo-de-ouroproud-potterhead; padfootmagic; potterisahorcrux; porque-aranhas; potterdore; patronum-maxima; potterise; peevess;

Q:  q-quiditch; quidditch-pitch; querido-sr-potter;

R:  riddlemetom; riddleharry; radcliffeland;

S:  sybilltrelawneys; santasnaping; sherlockmafloy; savehiswheezy; santledore; santapotter; salazarslocket; santopotter; staringdownhippogriffs;

T:  triwizardry; thepottermalfoyestate; thebigsevenalways; the-mister-lestrange; the-last-enemy; theholidaysathogwarts;

V:  v-eritaserum;

W:  warrior-longbottom; weasleypatronus; weasley-gurl; weasley-king; weasleyfeelings;

Y:  you-must-be-a-weasley; yer-awizard-harry;

Z: z-onkos;




Ok, it’s been requested by a few Anons and now it’s finally here: my third Follow Forever (aka: people that I will always love and respect).

A: anniedair, auroradawns, anderslynn, anondracomalfoy, anonhermionegranger

B: broomstix, brave-neville

C: //

D: dracomalfoy, deatheaters, dwarfings, draconis, darkmarks, dracosdilemma, drahcomalfoy

E: emotionslikeateaspoon

F: friendlyslytherin, fatherofdragons, fudgeflies

G: //

H: harmony-y, hrrysnape

I: instantremorse, iamiweasley, i-am-lord-trolldemort

J: //

K: //

L: lordmalfoys, lordslytherin

M: mymagicplace, mydraco, misteriddle

N: //

O: ohtonks, ohremus, ohcrucio, ohlumos, ohfantines

P: //

Q: queenriddle, quaffle-chasers

R: riddleshorcrux

S: sir-potter, silverstags

T: the-last-enemy, the-swedish-short-snout

U: //

V: //

W: //

X: //

Y: //

Z: //