KEDS BRAVE MOMENT: All throughout my life, I’ve been always told that I couldn’t stand on my own feet, because I wouldn’t. Yes, I loved being spoiled and pampered. But then, as I reached 21, I decided it was time for me to try to be independent and prove to my family that I can do it on my own. With a pair of my favorite floral Keds always by my side, it was totally liberating to do this. So, this is my bravest moment. My pride. And it was worth it! @KedsPH #kedsbravemoment #Keds #kedsph #BraveMoment #bravegirl #KedsBraveMoment #floralkeds #brownpurpleorange #summer #bodytwist #freedom

To me, being brave is about honesty. I loved what @zooeymagazine is doing with the #bravemoment so much, that I was inspired to share my story. In an upcoming issue, I open about my 16 year battle with an eating disorder that nearly claimed my life. It wasn’t easy, but I’m hoping that I will inspire others to be #Brave too. 💗