A 28-year-old man from the Florem region. His name is Sonore Libretti and he bears the melodist asterisk. He is a flamboyant composer who travels the world hoping that all may listen to his songs. 

Likes: Operas, composing, wine
Dislikes: His prematurely graying-hair, uncleanliness 

Ringabel’s melodists outfit gave me the idea of creating an asterisk out of it. Makes sense. Unlike the performer asterisk, the melodist uses his/her songs to cause devastating status effects to their opponents. 

And here she is, my Bravely Default version of my OC.

Her name is Myra Arcus and she serves in the Duchy of Eternia as a member of the Bloodrose Legion. She’s 28 years old. She grew up in Florem, but left for Eternia during an epidemic that left quite a lot of the girls abandoning the orthodoxy due to their lack of help and their teachings failing. 

She was a Legion Archer for a while, but was promoted to test out an experimental asterisk, the Archer job. It is like ranger, but focusses on targeting human weakness and inflicting status ailments. 

She loves animals and has had a crush on her commanding officer Einheria for quite some time, but she knows that it’s probably best not to get involved with her superiors because the other girls will smell a rat regarding her promotion, so she just grins and bears it. 

She wants to leave the Bloodrose Legion, because she hates Florem anyway, and the killing of the Orochi makes her sick, but she needs the money and place to stay. 

Likes: Singing, cuddly creatures, Einheria

Dislikes: REALLY bad hay-fever, stiff bowstrings, milky tea

Some more info about Sonore:

  • his hair was kind of inspired by Beethoven lol, it’s also prematurely graying (so he’ll probably have full-out white hair by Bravely Second)
  • he became inspired by songbirds on trips with his mother to Florem Gardens
  • He showed musical genius from a very young age, and therefore received private lessons from a hired mentor
  • he grew up very well-off so he’s rather prissy and doesn’t like things he deems “low class”
  • he’s ambidextrous 
  • travels a lot
  • greatly enjoys operas
  • total Praline a la Mode fanboy
  • he’s rather effeminate and flamboyant; very arrogant and vain 
  • was given the melodist asterisk after Sage Yulyana heard the boy’s talent during a performance at Florem’s Flower Festival one year and figured it would suit him perfectly 
  • give him an instrument and he can pretty much play it perfectly
  • he’s bi-curious and likes to serenade people with his songs 
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Hello everyone! I’m proud and extremely excited to present to you a Bravely Default Flying Fairy Fanbook preview.

  • B5 size | Matte Cover with Foil Stamp
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There are many more wonderful artists in this book. Participants in no particular order are :

Haku | Jialing Pan | Loika | Leslie Hung | Yoonmi | Finni Chang | Hwei | Sushes | Max | OnoMono | Fenix | Mero | Kim Quim | Blue | Mirukupie

More previews to come and the estimated shipping date is mid to late October!

Thank you so much and much appreciated for sharing if you do : )