onceuponawahey said:

5, 28, 31, 55 :)

5-is there anyone who can always make you smile? 

YOU!!! and judy and meghan! <3

28-i’ll love you if… 

well i already love you but in general…. um…. i don’t really know

31-3 random facts 

  1. i love broadway music and listen to it more than is probably healthy haha
  2. i sing like all the time
  3. i knit

55-tumblr friends

i actually included a lot of them in my last answer but i’ll do it again and add some more:

you, captainmeerkat, boats-against-the-roger, blowmiakisscolin, killianknows, captain-the-swan, bbypiratebunny, principessa101, littlebabe20, braveheartpond, killianandswanforever, trenzaloures and there’s probably more that i’m forgetting

send me numbers

i was tagged by the wonderful alexskingston ^.^ (thank you!!!!)

URL: rosecutietyler

Name: corina

Nickname: cori

Birthday: 28 feb.

Gender: female

Height: 58

Current time zone: (UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest (idk for sure)

Date and time: August 28, 09:46pm

Last thing I googled: hmm…i was looking for some delena fanfictions so “delena fanfictions” i guess.

Most used phrase: hmm…thats actually “thank you for dinner” I used it a lot.

Last thing I said to a family member: “thank you for dinner” lol.
(told you I used it a lot)

Favourite beverage: ice tea

First word that comes to mind: elevator (strange)

Places that make you happy: my home, my home & my home

Number of blankets I sleep under: 2 :)

Last movie I saw at the theatre: i don’t remember, lol.

Things I can’t live without: my books, tv shows,my laptop, music, & fooooooooooooood (obviously)

Something I plan on learning: French! i have to, i need to, i will!

i tag: claraschoiceclarapotterponddostorwho & braveheartpond

tagged by maqritte (basically the sweetest person ever)

tag game: give us five random things about yourself & pass it on to ten of your followers. REPOST. DON’T REBLOG

  1. I like to draw
  2. I have a cat
  3. My favorite classes are chem and Spanish
  4. I like elephants and cats
  5. I am very boring

I tag goof + anyone else who wants to do it

Dear vyrenrolar gvronimo and braveheartpond, I’m not replying to your messages rn bc I really should be trying to sleep and I kinda want to keep them forever. But I just wanted to let you lovelies know how much I truly appreciate that you guys not only took the time to read my rantings but also to send those sweet notes. Thank you so much. I will never be able to properly express just how much that means to me. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but it is to me so thank you all so very much.