finally finished: Redheads from Disney. at least some girls(anastasia-ariel-giselle-merida-anna)…hope all you like it!  I spent a lot of time making this :p

P.S: I drew Anastasia the Cinderella’s stepsister from Disney not Anastasia Romanov from Fox…

she flatly refused to be here


Artwork from Bravely Default: Praying Brage, a Japanese web browser game based off of Bravely Default.

First Row: Vestals from the game (Curie Oblige, Lilia DeRosso Oblige, Edea Lee Oblige, and Iglia Oblige)
Second Row: Ivybeth Blige
Third Row: Roanne Crystallia
Fourth Row: Airy

I wish I knew the role Ivybeth and Roanne play in the web browser game’s storyline…