Random Appearance Headcanon #2

While Phellick is pretty tall for a turian, standing at 6’11”, his partner Braumchak tops the charts for his size compared to the average varren. It was through specific breeding and genitic modifying that he and the previous generations of varren that make up the Varren Command provided by the S.C.T.C. have become so large.

But coming in, the varren stands on all fours around, 51 inches (4.25ft), on hind quarters an outstanding 86 inches (7.16 ft), and weighs in above the 300lbs mark.

Random Appearance Headcanon #1

Working along side Phellick is the four legged law enforcer, Braumchak. This varren is a part of the second generation of trained varren offered for employment through S.C.T.C. Because of their generally dangerous work conditions, each varrens tail is effectively “docked” and so only a nub on each varren remains.