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as one of the biggest taekook lovers i know, could you tell what you love in that ship? i dislike all the ships including the maknae, and as a lot of fans like taekook (or jikook and etc), i'd like to know why. thank you :)

gosh…. where to start with taekook….

one of this things i really like about them is their youth and playfulness. they still have a long way to go in life, so in that sense, they are so pliable, they can become whoever they want. so whenever i write them, i feel like i can mold them into the shape that i want for their characters. 

and theres this sense of friendship that tae and jungkook share as the two youngest in the group. they get a lot of chances to be playful and bratty because they’re still kids, and theyre so comfortable with each other. 

one thing ive noticed is that jungkook is only really touchy feely with tae. like, with jimin, he actively pushes the poor guy away, and hes not on the same level of comfort with the older members. he always goes to tae. jungkook only ever lets his guard down completely with tae, and he feels like he can really act like a maknae when tae is around.

i also think they balance each other out really nicely. jungkook is a very serious guy. he pushes himself to be as close to perfect as possible, and he feels a lot of pressure on him to succeed. tae is the total opposite- he is a free spirit, just loving and kind and open, and he could really care less what others think of him. he does what makes him happy, rather than trying to please others. and both points of view have their merit, but theyre polar opposites, which is why it’s so beautiful when they come together. 

i could write an entire essay about why i love taekook and why i write taekook so much, but these are just a few reasons off the top of my head! hope that helped. lovely anon~~~

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Know what i find frustrating. Theyre now attacking the way you treat youre followers, and people are actually believing it. Ive read so much shit about how apparently youre rude to your followers? Erm. Ive followed you forever. Never have i once seen unwarranted rudeness. Theyre just being bitter and bratty and playing the victim card. Not to mention their whole blog is plastered with your name. Sigh, i hope youre okay <3

i’m rude to people who are rude.I’m not going to be nice to someone who uses ableist terms,is transphobic or sends me a question that is clearly answered in my faq

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Hi little muffin, what are you searching in your daddy?

Lol idk someone sweet , kind, caring, some I can trust 100% and I can talk to about anything someone that has patience because I can be a little stubborn/bratty but he can also put his foot down when I’ve gone too far…&& someone that can take the time to explain what I did wrong and not just ignore me && someone that can give second chances like maybe a warning if I’m about to go to far…&& I would like all of his attention 😁
I’ve been told I might be a little time consuming 🙈👀

Idk I feel like I would know if I found the perfect daddy, our conversation wouldn’t have to be forced, or dragging

-Muffin 💖


theshewolfinwinterfell asked arya/gendry or jon/ygritte

They were her pack, her friends, the only living friends that remained to her […] I won’t let them take us, she vowed silently, reaching back over her shoulder to touch the hilt of the sword that Gendry had stolen for her. I won’t.

“She’s my sister” Gendry put a heavy hand on the old man’s shoulder, and squeezed. “Leave her be”.

I’ll dress you all in yellow silk, and on your head a crown. For you shall be my lady love, and I shall be your lord. I’ll always keep you warm and safe, and guard you with my sword.

There was no use trying to convince the Bull of anything. Still, he was the only true friend she had.

- They’re a family. I’ve never had a family.
-  I can be your family!

You wouldn’t be my family. You’d be m’lady.


Please open them in a new tab! They’re tiny in the viewer :’D

A short, silly, nearly entirely bloodless Night Vale comic for my Environments class. :’3 Kids, don’t ink with nibs. It will fuck your life up, because you will be old by the time you finish. This has been a PSA
I usually draw Cecil without irises, but since my professor isn’t familiar with Night Vale I thought I’d keep it deceptively normal for the project.

See if you can spot all the little Night Vale references in the first panel! :3 And see if you find the blood that makes this only “nearly” entirely bloodless (hint: second panel). Also, it’s difficult to see but Carlos is wearing pyjama bottoms with Erlenmeyer flasks printed on them.


Anonymous said: What do you guys think about your kids?


DD: Aradia’s a good kid, real smart.
HB: He needs t’ stick up more for himself (an’ talk t’ girls more) but Tavros ain’t a bad kid. ‘Wonder why he likes fairies so damn much though…
CD: Ooh, Sollux is so great!! He’s real smart, and he’s great with computers!! And he pushes me on the swings at the park!!
SS: Karkat I guess ain’t so bad… when he’s not bein’ a PISSY LITTLE SHIT.

((Mun Note: I’d like to apologize for taking a while on this ask, this is my first time seriously drawing the troll kids/stabdad kids so it took me a while to get everyone down. I hope that they look alright! 

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