how come people bring up how bratty annabeth was in the first series several years ago but don’t bring up percy wanting to leave nico for dead in moa


the kid i babysat was such a delight like he spilled his milk and goes “oh sorry, that happens sometimes. its hard being a kid” and he got up during dinner to get me a glass of water and say “i want to take care of you too!” like how sweet is that

Some more ASGZC thoughts

-Angeal is very reserved at ShinRa - he tries to set a good, honorable example whenever he can, and especially when everybody can see him. When he’s behind closed doors though he feels comfortable enough to let loose his gentle, affectionate, funny side. He is SO GRABBY with the boyfriends. He likes to touch them, to push his hands up underneath their shirts if they’re working at the kitchen counter and feel their skin, and he likes to hold their hands, as well as tickle anyone who’s being too bratty - Sephiroth and Genesis are the prime victims of that. Whenever his perpetually-exhausted infantryman starts to doze off on the couch he likes to spoon up behind him and nuzzle at his neck - Cloud loves it, and says he sleeps better that way.
- Zack worries about being too clingy. He trusts everyone, of course—but he knows the reality of being a SOLDIER and wants to spend as much precious time with everyone as possible. He likes to hang out with them whenever possible, likes to know where they are, wants to know that they’re safe, but knows that he can be a little overbearing and too enthusiastic. Genesis is one who really needs his space, and once or twice there is a bit of a blowup about it, but for the most part, no one minds. They all understand his fear anyway.

This is Eirnae’s expression 9000000000000000% of the time when speaking with humans.  And city elves. Actually this is pretty much how she looks all the time.

No seriously, she’s pretty done with humans. I play Eirnae as a really super kind Dalish First. She’s genuinely concerned about pretty much every single person she meets. Even if she constantly has to remind them that she has her own gods.

She even puts up with Solas being a jerk about Dalish elves. For being probably nearly twice her age (and thus old enough to be her dad. She reminds him of that when he really pisses her off.) he kind of acts like a bratty child in her opinion at times.

I have tons of tragic head canon for her as to why she’s so damn nice to every one she meets. It’s part of the reason why I think her Keeper sent her to spy on the humans. It’s also the reason why every time she meets a tranquil, mage, or anyone (elf or otherwise) that she wants to toss them up on her Hart and take them some place safe. I can honestly see her writing letters to her Keeper asking if maybe they have some use for this elfblooded human. It’s not that he really needs a place where it’s safe at all. And it’s not anything like when she was a child and she was constantly bringing injured animals to the Keeper to heal. Even the giant spiders.

Especially the giant spiders.

She was quite confused at someone so much older than her flirting with her (she flirts a lot but doesn’t actually realize she’s flirting. She’s just being nice.) and making comments about dominating and stuff. Eirnae also has a spirit friend that she doesn’t actually realize is something close to a Despair Demon or maybe a Compassion Spirit. At this point it’s really just splitting hairs. It likes to pretend to be her dead betrothed that she blames herself for getting killed. Just because she felt the need to protect some human children from bandits.

Anyway the spirit/demon/whatever has “helped” her mourn. She refuses/tries REALLY hard to not cry in front of anyone. Well anyone outside of her Keeper, who is like a mother to her. About the only place she does feel comfortable enough to cry is in the fade when she dreams. The spirit also helps her keep unwanted (everyone that isn’t them) out of her “place.”

Did I mention I have a lot of  head canon for this gorgeous mage?

marco-on-wheels asked:

-hugs- and being adorable is an impact, and for actual impact she's taught Darco how to actually have human emotions other than just trying to be evil. that's huge. and with what she's been doing with Kyros is amazing, Ky and Ari as besties is precious as fuck. she's realistically portrayed as a child. yeah she's a sweety but she also has anger and fear and annoyances, likes, dislikes, things that upset her and make her jealous, things she gets bratty over. she's realistically shown as a person

*fistbumps Emily*

no, wait

*loves Emily because she’s sweet like candy and I love her a lot and she’s really important*


theshewolfinwinterfell asked arya/gendry or jon/ygritte

They were her pack, her friends, the only living friends that remained to her […] I won’t let them take us, she vowed silently, reaching back over her shoulder to touch the hilt of the sword that Gendry had stolen for her. I won’t.

“She’s my sister” Gendry put a heavy hand on the old man’s shoulder, and squeezed. “Leave her be”.

I’ll dress you all in yellow silk, and on your head a crown. For you shall be my lady love, and I shall be your lord. I’ll always keep you warm and safe, and guard you with my sword.

There was no use trying to convince the Bull of anything. Still, he was the only true friend she had.

- They’re a family. I’ve never had a family.
-  I can be your family!

You wouldn’t be my family. You’d be m’lady.


Please open them in a new tab! They’re tiny in the viewer :’D

A short, silly, nearly entirely bloodless Night Vale comic for my Environments class. :’3 Kids, don’t ink with nibs. It will fuck your life up, because you will be old by the time you finish. This has been a PSA
I usually draw Cecil without irises, but since my professor isn’t familiar with Night Vale I thought I’d keep it deceptively normal for the project.

See if you can spot all the little Night Vale references in the first panel! :3 And see if you find the blood that makes this only “nearly” entirely bloodless (hint: second panel). Also, it’s difficult to see but Carlos is wearing pyjama bottoms with Erlenmeyer flasks printed on them.


Anonymous said: What do you guys think about your kids?


DD: Aradia’s a good kid, real smart.
HB: He needs t’ stick up more for himself (an’ talk t’ girls more) but Tavros ain’t a bad kid. ‘Wonder why he likes fairies so damn much though…
CD: Ooh, Sollux is so great!! He’s real smart, and he’s great with computers!! And he pushes me on the swings at the park!!
SS: Karkat I guess ain’t so bad… when he’s not bein’ a PISSY LITTLE SHIT.

((Mun Note: I’d like to apologize for taking a while on this ask, this is my first time seriously drawing the troll kids/stabdad kids so it took me a while to get everyone down. I hope that they look alright! 

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Your DAD sees right through your costume! You don’t know what you were even thinking with this foolish ruse!!!

Dad | John
Photography by xtynn & bluehelado