Trip to Barcelona

You were finally on holidays. You deserved it, after all the work you’ve done this year. Your close friend Rafaella (that you met thanks to your bestfriend a year ago) proposed you to come visit her in Barcelona. She was visiting her brother, apparently he’s a big football player, but you didn’t ask much about him,maybe she’d be annoyed. 

Today, you took your flight and arrived safe in Barcelona’s airport. You took a taxi, and went to the address Rafaella gave you. When you arrived there, you saw a really big family house. You got out of the taxi, took your stuff and started to walk toward the door. Before you start knocking, Rafaella opened the door and jumped on you to hug you tight “Y/N !!”

You were so happy to finally see her ! It’s been months since you haven’t seen each other ! She helped you with your bags, and you entered the house. It was beautiful, you’ve never seen such a beautiful home, and the view was amazing. As you stared at the view, you heard Rafaella screaming: “Neymar !”. You turned to her, and gave her a confused look. 

"It’s my brother, I want him to meet you" she said.

"Oh ok, it’d be cool" you said her.

"What? What’s up Raf-". Neymar was walking down the stairs, tapping on his phone, but when he noticed you were here, he immediatly stopped what he was doing.

"Ney, I present you Y/N, my really close friend that I’ve been talking about all the time" Rafaella said.

He was staring at you, his eyes got lost in yours.. When he noticed what Rafaella said, he got closer to you.

"Nice to meet you " he winked and reached out his hand to shake yours.

You became a bit shy, and just shook his hand and gave him a little smile.

"She’ll be staying here for 3weeks, you remember? You told me she could" Rafaella said to him.

"Yep, I remember. There’s no problem, she can stay as long as she wants to" he said turning his gaze to you and smirking.

"Thank you.." you replied.

*Few hours later*

You were in the guest room, putting your stuff, and changing your clothes. You changed to a tank top and a short. It was really hot in Barcelona at this time of the year. Then you heard Rafaella’s voice screaming from down stairs:

"Dinner is ready !".

You got out the room, looking down while putting your hair in a ponytail, but you bumped into someone.

"Outch !" you said. When you raised your head, you saw it was Neymar.

"Sorry, I didn’t see you" he said laughing 

"Mmh, it’s ok" you replied laughing a little.

You were about to go down stairs, he made you a sign to pass before him, as a gentleman. 

You laughed and passed.

"Ah ! You’re finally here . Dinner will be cold" Rafa said

You all sat down in the dining room. You were at the head of the table, Neymar at the other head, and Rafaella was at your left. Rafa started to ask you how was your life, work, your family going. You told her, everything was fine, and started talking a little. You asked her the same question. You were listening to her but.. you noticed Neymar couldn’t stop looking at you.

When he saw that you noticed him, he made accidently his flatware creak. You laughed, and Rafa looked at him with coufused eyes. He just laughed, a little embarassed and continued eating. 


It’s my first “long” imagine, just tell me what you think. It’s not really good but… just let me know what you think :) thank you ♥ 

Bones. Charcoal. Ash. Blood. Feces. Food waste. Pottery shards. Before I began my journey into permaculture and regenerative ecology, if you asked me why someone would gather and bury these things together, I would have guessed at some kind of disgusting voodoo magic ritual. But for those initiated into the alchemy of composting and soil generation, this is actually a recipe for the most nutrient-dense, hyper-fertile soil on the planet — terra preta, or “black earth”.