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Around The World In 80 Days: Brazil

Two Islands
Photo Credit: (Liam Geoghegan)
Vitória Régia
Photo Credit: (Eric Goy)
Photo Credit: (Hüseyin Kara)

The photographer deserves credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thanks.

Woah, I haven’t worn this in months…

Ok so surfing through the site I found this tag #mirame which looks like it was inspired by #blackout and that is pretty rad.

Mexican, as my blog name redundantly states, coming to you from Campeche!

Just some things to note because I know it’s going to come up.

-This tag doesn’t have anything yo do with recclaiming Cinco de Mayo, but it’s okay if you believe it does (this goes specifically to latins living up north) as I’ve already mentioned in the past it is an important celebration and should not be trivialized but that doesn’t mean people from all over the world and races can’t learn about it. Culture is meant to be passed on, not locked away.

-Try not to assume people’s background, yes I have seen how some white people have used the tag mockingly or pretended to be hispanic but at the same time keep in mind hispanic/latin isn’t a specific color, Mexico is a hugely multicultural and multiracial country *alone* and that’s not even counting south and central america.

-Y'all look bad ass, keep on rocking, paisanos!

Hello and welcome to the 12th issue of The Brasilia Review. As Winter approaches and the desert season begins, we offer a dome-sized humidifier of fine literature to aerate your lungs.

In this issue, Royee Zvi Atadgy sees into the thoughts of two Israeli soldiers transporting a long-dead man. Tor Falcon describes a natural lane where men have walked for centuries. Justin Porter illuminates the present with an accurate, adamant eye.

Lana Bella merges sunlight and sound. Holly Day dissects the human form. Charley Foster fights the war of our existence. David Jibson goes beyond what art portrays. Fran Lock, rather than defending her beliefs, creeps into The Other’s point of view, which sadly can sometimes be our own. Christopher Mulrooney dances between what’s textbook and reality. And Christopher Schaeffer somehow unspools decades of input in the mind.

The Brasilia Review is notes and staves that anyone can play.


Little Dreams in a Humvee by Royee Zvi Atadgy

     “…when he woke up, his pants were dry and full of smashed mosquitoes and blood.”

To Pierce the Clouds by Justin Porter

     “…peace was good for the soul but hard on the belly.”


Procession Lane by Tor Falcon

     “Its Green Men are adrift on their isolated path…”


The House on Red Brick Road by Lana Bella

     “sloping down the eaves-stacked water reeds’ lines”

A Representation From the Anterior Aspect of the Bones of the Human Body by Holly Day

     “…and mourns the loss of its skin”

Jesus Is the Lord of Quantum Mechanics by Charley Foster

     “Each year, the McRib makes a brief visit to Earth”

Flemish Painters by David Jibson

     “when the fruit has gone to rot”

111th- But you, being poor by Fran Lock

     “you do not doff / your quaint morals like a cloth cap, baby”

rapscallion by Christopher Mulrooney

     “they say in the samba centers what do they say”

Is Justified Over Yet: Or: The Ballad of E.B. Farnum by Christopher Schaeffer

     “briefly coinhabit a slender little knife of space before / the cars explode…”



  1. Jefferson - Botafogo FR
  2. Diego Alves - Valencia CF
  3. Marcelo Grohe - Grêmio FBPA


  1. Danilo - FC Porto
  2. Fabinho - AS Monaco
  3. David Luiz - Paris Saint-Germain FC
  4. Thiago Silva © - Paris Saint-Germain FC
  5. Miranda - Club Atlético de Madrid
  6. Marquinhos - Paris Saint-Germain FC
  7. Filipe Luiz - Chelsea FC
  8. Marcelo - CF Real Madrid


  1. Luiz Gustavo - VfL Wolfsburg
  2. Elías - SC Corinthians Paulista
  3. Fernandinho - Manchester City FC
  4. Casemiro - FC Porto
  5. Phillipe Coutinho - Liverpool FC
  6. Willian - Chelsea FC
  7. Everton Ribeiro - Al-Ahli Dubai FC
  8. Douglas Costa - FC Shaktar Donetsk
  9. Roberto Firmino - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim


  1. Neymar - FC Barcelona
  2. Robinho - Santos FC
  3. Diego Tardelli - Shandong Luneng Taishan

Tentaram nos enterrar, mas não sabiam que éramos sementes. 🌱Aguyjevete pra quem luta por um mundo melhor! Orgulho de ser descendente Guarani Mbya #retrospectiva #2013 #paz #indigena #guarani #brasil #politica #direitosindigenas #PEC215NÃO #maisamorporfavor // They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds #peace #indigenousrights #brazil #100happydays


NEW VIDEO: a trip to rio heey guys, how are you? i went to rio de janeiro this weekend and i wanted to film something, so… here it is. ^-^ i hope you like it, if you did please like/reblog, i’ll stalk you : ) love yaa