Mekkel Richards and Adam Malinowski were leaving a fireworks show in Detroit.

As the two young men walked down the street, they saw Detroit police officers push a man to the ground and hit him repeatedly.

After seeing the officers bloody the man’s face and hearing him scream for help, both Richards and Malinowski began recording video with their cell phone while standing at a distance from the incident.

Richards, a journalism student at a nearby Oakland Unversity, was 25 feet from the officers as they continued striking the man on the ground. Malinowski was 40 feet away.

They were quickly approached by five officers – Gadwell, Reizin, Lopez, Petroff, and Sergeant Brannock –and told the following:

Get the fuck back,”
“Put your phone away, you can’t be videotaping,”
“You can’t be here,”
“You’re interfering.”

Officer Gadwell then said, “I told you to get the fuck away,” and punched Richards in the face, knocking the student to the ground.

While lying on pavement, Richards shouted to Malinowski, “Are you recording this?”

“Yes!” answered Malinowski.

Officer Gadwell then ran at Malinowski, put him in a headlock, slammed him to the ground, put him in handcuffs and smashed his cell phone against a tree.

After Richards was handcuffed as well, an officer told the young men they were a “couple of faggot tree huggers that take the whole rights thing too seriously.”

Assistant Police Chief Dolunt, who saw the whole thing, said Richards and Malinowski were”fucking idiots that are going to jail tonight…they need to be taught a lesson.”

The officers then searched Richards’ cell phone and deleted several videos.

After being taken to jail, the two men were charged with “interfering with a city official,” and released the next day.                                                /source/

They deleted the files by smashing the phone. Physically damaged media is a lot harder to recover. Again the cops act like real gangsters. Members of the most motherfucking dangerous and large gang. I do not know whether it is possible to make the bastards get what they deserve. I’m pretty sure that all of this shit needs a support by social media. Let the people know 

#StayWoke #PoliceAbuse #WildCops

Conned (The Brannock Siblings Book 2)

Conned (The Brannock Siblings Book 2)

About Conned (The Brannock Siblings Book 2): Conall Brannock takes his job seriously. He doesn’t get attached, he doesn’t ask questions, and he protects his family at all costs. Nothing will change that. Not even the sweet, green eyed witness that just burst into his life and shifted his world. He has one job to do; protect Emily until she can testify. He can’t let his interest in her get in the…

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Holly Bailey ‏@hollybdc

Brannock begins by speaking of how she gave doctors permission to take her left leg. She starts to cry #Tsarnaev

Bob Ward Fox25 ‏@Bward3

Brannock: I cant run after my students, my babies, I can’t fulfill the duties of a teacher of 2 yr olds. #fox25 #Tsarnaev

WBUR Live ‏@wburLive

“to date, I have had 21 surgeries since April 15, 2013.” #Tsarnaev

WBUR Live ‏@wburLive

“I will most likely have to wear a brace on my right leg for the rest of my life,” Erika Brannock says. #Tsarnaev

Garrett Quinn    ‏@GarrettQuinn      

As Erika Brannock cries recalling her struggle after the bombing, #Tsarnaev appears to be looking at the jury, if anything, but not her.


          WBUR Live    ‏@wburLive                                  

#Tsarnaev remains in same position he’s been in for most of hearing. Shoulder’s hunched, slouched back in chair. Occasionally looks around.

Rick Serrano    ‏@RickSerranoLAT      

I honestly don’t think #Tsarnaev has moved, fidgeted, or even blinked once after the first hour of grueling emotional victim testimony