So I have this friend.

She’s always in a relationship or always has a guy that she’s somewhat with.
She’s never been alone for more than a month, it seems.

Lately she’s been complaining that she’s LONELY.

Hell yeah, lonliness sucks.

But it sucks even more that once she saw pictures of me and Bryan, a sort of friend of mine lol, she texted him.

I dont know, I know she’s my friend but I feel like she’s jealous (Wow, I feel weird saying that and kinda sound like a bitch…) but she does that…anyways, I feel like she wants him because she doesnt want him to be with anyone else, because thats a weird girl thing that I sadly understand…


You didnt even wait 24 hours before you jumped on it.
Just let me enjoy what I had, at least…

On another note,

Bryan’s great, really. But I dont know. I think we want different things.
He kinda wants a play toy and I want something real, ya know?
He invited me to stay the night at his house tomorrow night and I dont know…I want to, but I dont at the same time.

I told Matt about it because I was hoping to get some input. POSITIVE INPUT.

But it was negative and he got all like “You will be home, alone, tomorrow. Not at Bryans.”

But thats because he has my back and he knows what I want and doesnt want me to be desperate, because he’s a good friend. He sadly knows what I really want: Dillon.

The Dillon situation is going well, by the way. 
We talk on facebook, because he doesnt have texting.
And then at work earlier, he came over and bagged for me even when he had his own job to do and we just talked.
He’s sweet, really.

I wanna take this slow. I wanna be friends with him, but not get stuck in that friend zone that I always fall into. I know he has baggage and stuff, but im willing to work with that for the real thing.
I want the real thing and I will work for it, whether its with him or some other guy.