totally over clothing companies where the ‘large’ is maybe a medium but they offer xs and occasionally xxs.  making xxs options is awesome, now.. maybe go the other way a bit too. i just want a decent pair of lace bell-bottom leggings in black….

it’s cool, me and everyone else who dares have an ass, hips or long legs will go elsewhere. i often write and ask about the size range of the ‘large’ size and if they intend on creating items to fit sizes larger than u.s. 10  - but rarely, if ever get a response.

Three cheers for all the amazing brands that do try to make a larger range of clothing sizes to fit more people! You Rock!


The cringiest recent moments in corporate marketing have been corporations mistakenly thinking that the dull, routine interactions people have with them in day-to-day life can be repurposed into life-affirming moments of joy. There’s a certain dark irony in the massive institutions that are largely responsible for the alienated isolation of the average American taking on the task of fixing that alienation with cutesy hashtags.

Corporate superpowers can’t solve society’s problems, especially not one as massive as institutionalized racism.