Hey look I wrote a ficlet

For Shayz, for her prompt here.

Five sentence fic for the prompt: Brandon/Wesley - cafe/baker owners/runners/works (what? taking them out of their element, it’s fun)

"I hate my life, I hate this job, I hate the morons that come in this place, and I hate the fucking food and the fucking drinks and the fucking customers-"

Brandon, despite his best attempts, was doing a very poor job of not laughing at Wesley; Wesley was too wrapped up in his tirade and his attempt to get heavy cream out of the black pants of his uniform (because mouthing off to customers that had just been served was a Bad Idea™) to notice that his boyfriend was laughing at him.

Once he had calmed down enough Brandon pulled Wesley back into a hug, pressing kisses behind his ear, “I like how it looks.”

Wesley went still and stared down at the white stains, “NOT HELPING, BRANDON!”

shayzgirletc asked:

Brandon/Wesley bakery verse

Sorry, I got distracted researching subspace…

who cooks normally?: Brandon

how often do they fight?: Not that often,though if they hit a bad day/week/whatever at the same time…. let’s just say those moods don’t clash well. Usually when that happens one of them will head over to Jeff’s (because he’s the only of their friends who lives in a house and not a 1-2 room apartment) until one of the moods passes so they don’t say something cruel that they don’t truly mean.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Brandon doesn’t really have a change to his routine but Wesley… GUNZ TIEM! Seriously though, Brandon has no affection for bullets or the destruction/holes they cause. Noe does he has any affection for the mess made by paintballs. So Wesley (for the most part) keeps the shooting of projectiles for when Brandon isn’t around.

nicknames for each other?: None really, Brandon will call Wesley Wes and Wesley will come up with a wide range of name to call Brandon to get his attention. sometimes Wesley will call Brandon ‘Bran-flake’ if he feels playful and thinks Brandon is being too boring. Either Wesley or Vania made up the name, but no one is sure who and neither of them is taking credit.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Brandon

who steals the covers at night?: Wesley, to the point where there’s a spare blanket tucked under Brandon’s side of the bed.

FUN SIDE STORY: The best prank Brandonn ever pulled on Wesley is when he super-glued the blanket to the mattress on his side of the bed. He then went to bed before Wesley so nothing would seem out of the ordinary. At least until Wesley tried to steal more blanket in the middle of the night and almost fell off the bed. Wesley pouted and griped and they had to buy a new mattress the next day.

what would they get each other for gifts?: Wesley will scour local music shops for albums that Brandon either does have or may like

who kissed who first?: Wesley kissed Brandon first, because goddammit he really wanted this ok?

who made the first move?: (assuming you mean sex) Brandon, because as much as Wesley wanted it he quickly realized that there are some things he shouldn’t push.

who remembers things?: Both of them

who started the relationship?: Wesley

who cusses more?: Wesley

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Brandon would do whatever he could to make things better, and depending on how Brandon was hurt Wesley would probably end up pulling out those assassin abilities.

shayzgirletc asked:

Wesley/Brandon bakery!verse. Or regular McFassy. Or both.

Name: Lisa Sullivan

Gender: Female

General Appearance: She looks like Brandon, A LOT. Though her eyes are the same type of bright blue as Wesley’s, only lighter in color.

Personality: She’s opinionated and excitable and over the years has picked up more than one personality trait from Wesley (especially the swearing)

Special Talents: She good with a gun (and Wesley teaching her how to shoot was something Brandon was not thrilled with)

Who they like better: That question generally earns a thrown projectile when asked (plus it changes depending on the circumstances, I mean if Old Lady is making cookies then Old Lady is her favorite person)

Who they take after more: In looks Brandon, in personality Wesley

Personal Head canon: She was a happy accident from before Brandon and Wesley got together, dumped on their doorstep at 3 years old by a social worker after her mother died in the house fire. The mother remembered who Brandon was and knew that the child had to be his so his name made it onto the birth certificate. She had no intention of ever telling him because when she knew him it was obvious that he was not father material. But then she died and with no other living relative the social system took her to Brandon.

I had an epiphany

I had a few weeks ago when I went to Ann Arbor with my dad and brother.

For those of you that don’t know Ann Arbor is almost your quintessential college town. Little home for students, dorms, fraternities/sororities with volley ball sand pits in the front yard and beer pong setups on the balcony; old aged stone building, huge courtyards (namely The Diag). Student relax under the trees and have drinks outside of local and chain cafes.

Walking Ann Arbor made me feel as if I were walking a movie set.

We passed a man playing a washboard and harmonica for pure entertainment. Girls laid out on the roof of their porch with a guitar sunning themselves.

It was wonderful and perfect and amazing.

On the way home I had my epiphany: In Bakery!verse, Brandon and Wesley live in that kind of town.

Brandon and Wesley and their friends live a collegiate town like Ann Arbor.

Not Ann Arbor exactly, but close. I’ll probably make up a town name and college,. The point is that it’s a college town. Big enough to warrant a subway that connects to the nearest city.

Brandon and Wesley take walks that lead them under stone walkways and through college courtyard. Brandon examines sidewalk record sales while Wesley listens to samplers inside the shop. They get lunch at a little restaurant and them dart across the street to get coffee at Starbucks. Vania drags them to demonstrations on campus and fair in the courtyards and makes them come to art exhibitions.

College students are regulars at the bakery, where they cram into booths and crowd at tables to study or just relax between classes.

They live in a college town.

Would anyone be interested in watching me furnish/decorate Brandon and Wesley's apartment (Bakery Verse) in the sims later?

I have a small meeting with my capstone group so I was thinking maybe around 8:00pm (2000 military time) EDT, possibly 8:30. The meeting shouldn’t take too long but I figure some leeway would be a good idea.