Aaron Canning    |    http://aaroncanningdesign.com

"The ‘A’ symbol embodies my own aesthetic and approach to design. It is clean, minimal and typographic. No more than it needs to be a simple representation of my work. The overall identity is strong with impact but also retains an elegant feel. I used a collection of design associated words as a visual element, some using alliteration and some not. A photo of me when I was two adds to the character and extends the visual language making it even more personal."

Aaron Canning is a graphic designer from Dublin, Ireland. He is extremely passionate about typography, book design and everything minimal. His work has a strong emphasis on structure, simplicity and clarity to convey his brief as accurately and precisely as possible. 

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SFYS by Blok Design / blokdesign.com

Secrets From Your Sister is a bra-fitting boutique with a highly curated selection of top international brands. To align the identity with the company’s values and offerings, we re-branded the store SFYS, then gave it a voice that reflects the brand’s quirky sensuality and celebration of women. Colours, typography and finishes mirror the detail and textures found in the lingerie while texts hint at the wealth of wisdom to be found in this welcoming sisterhood. In collaboration with fashion photographer Anna Wolfe, we produced portraits of women just as they are: honest, sensual and comfortable in their bodies.