Name: Romain Hurdequint

Tumblr: www.thedailyboard.tumblr.com

Description: I was listening to the MIA song called “Born Free” when I though it was exactly what I feel on a skateboard. That’s why I wanted to paint this on my cruiserboard.

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The absurdities of modern culture


The force-feeding of cheap food to the docile and lethargic public.

How pharmaceuticals are both turning a population into zombies and killing us at a not-so-slow pace.

How professional athletes are used as products.

The censorship of free-thought and the consequences which follow voicing our opinion.

The cut-throat power money holds over the people.“

‘Generation Notification’; the social media crazed population.

How female sexuality is used to divert the attention of a hormone-driven population of men.

Religion’s ‘helping’ hand in poverty.

The innocent casualties of unnecessary war.


My final project from Junior Illustration I

I had to create a frozen yogurt brand with an accompanying pattern, so i made Yogoat, a goat-themed frozen yogurt store that specializes in goat milk froyo! 

I made a main goat as a mascot, and variations on it for flavors, and used them to mock up a froyo cup, pint cartons, a business card, and store interior~


Saana Hellsten    |    http://saanahellsten.com

"Razors and shaving creams use highly gendered visual language. By the look of the product, you will know which razor is marketed towards women and which towards men. My project takes away the gendered design from the razors and shaving gels. Like the razors, shaving gels have highly gendered design, although the purpose is usually the same; to make the skin smooth. The project focuses more on the function by giving the option to choose the blade and handle based on the purpose."

Saana Hellsten is a multi-disciplinary designer from Finland with a focus in package design. She just completed a master’s degree in package design at Pratt Institute, New York. Being Scandinavian, she appreciates nature, sustainability and equality. She also has a passion for timeless, functional, universal design and holistic branding. Saana loves to travel and has also lived and studied in Berlin and Italy. She’s a big foodie and an endless seeker of random experiences.

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Fruits shop Branding design


Fruits shop sells exquisite fruit and dry fruit. We also provide the excellent services such as cutting the fruit for you, juicing and tea-break. We use the selling point of “handpicked with original taste, every fruit is satisfying” to create a circumstance of an old-style fruit store, so as to embody the real original taste of the products in Fruits shop and the intimacy between people showed by it. 

By Mint Brand


minimalist    |    http://minimalist.kr

"H Tea is a brand new contemporary tea shop. In order to deliver its message in a resolute manner, its first initial H and the tea leaf were chosen, then carefully melted into the identity system. The color palette is a key factor as it is categorizing the genuine tea collection by color coding that will ensure easy reference for potential users. Turquoise is the primary and ten distinctive colors are part of the secondary color palette."

Minimalist is an award winning ‘boutique’ design studio based in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul, Korea. They believe good design can be achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. All mediums around them through visual, aural, typographic languages want to fill their niche when they already are living in a world full of everything. Design is no exception. The longer, fancier the message is, the harder it gets to the audience. Creating something that only attracts your aesthetics is not their goal. Design has to work both functionally and aesthetically, and they are eager to see their work last decades regardless of the underlying trend.

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