Business Card, in the key of “11th Hour Hawtness (Component B)”

This is my new business card, derived from a high-rez render of frame 5 from my GIF titled “11th Hour Hawtness (Component B)”. Look how super hawt this card is.

This image is one in a set named “11th Hour Hawtness”, a design I created for my exhibition at the Utah Museum Of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) which ran from September 19th until October 16th, 2014.


Engegroup by Inplicito Design Studio /

Engegroup is one of the most qualified electrical engineering companies in Brazil. Inplicito had the challenge to redesign their entire visual/verbal identity, website and signage.

We developed a logotype where the ligatures were changed to represent connection that runs between cables and wires. The fluorescent colors was defined by sunset, reflecting energy and speed.

Two years after Engegroup’s branding was launch, they received the Quality Award of Brazil. The award aims to distinguish and reward excel organizations in Brazilian market, companies with excelent communication, high quality products or services and who effectively contribute to the socioeconomic development of Brazil.


Dil•i•gence [noun] careful and persistent work or effort. [MESSAGE]

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