Comic Sans for Cancer by DIA / dia.tv

Comic Sans for cancer is an exhibition of posters inspired by the 20th anniversary of Comic Sans (the font we all love to hate). We were asked to contribute to this great cause where all proceeds go to Cancer Research UK. We treated the Comic Sans characters as cancerous cells, which take over the page. For sale here: comicsanscancer.com

Lagos Diaries

Been here for over a month and I love it. Starting NYSC camp tomorrow so pray for ya girl! The struggle is about to be real, fam. I came to Lagos because it’s where the hustle is at and I wanted a situation where I had a job before my NYSC started so I could get posted there for service year.

I got this job in the most unpredictable ways. I had been applying to countless jobs becuase I didn’t want to reach Lagos and not have a job. Time for sitting around is over. I gotta make that coin. So back to my story, I had applied and applied and I came across the job description for this position and first reaction was, “this is it. this is where I want to work.” 

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Dangerously therapeutic to watch.

Perfectly drawn logos drawn from scratch using pen and ink, by calligrapher Seb Lester.

Prepare to be amazed by what you can find on his Instagram page.


The Outpost by Riflewearerifle.com

Launched in Lebanon in 2012, The Outpost is a magazine of possibilities. It identifies, understands and analyzes the conflicts, morals, energies and opportunities of a changing Arab world and lays down potential roads ahead. It aims to ignite a socio-cultural renaissance in the Arab world by inspiring its readers to explore a world of possibilities. Working with an international network of contributors, we launched an ambitious and innovative magazine and designed its first three issues.

Our approach was focused on a journalistic perspective. We developed a grid system based on four different types of articles, which allowed us to distribute the elements of every page in a tidy and organized way, while still being able to play with blank spaces and big images. Content is supported by large infographics and illustrations.

For the three main sections we created a system (visible on the top spine) that helps the reader to navigate through the pages. We also developed a color-coded system for the cover and opening section, which was printed in monochrome and on a different kind of paper.



Studio statement: “A picture full of noise, people, food and color, while friends and family exchange laughter and stories, with the only purpose to create new ones. Anything could be reason enough to come together, and each occasion is unique and special,that is what a great event, or a "Buen Suceso”, represents for the Mexican; and when it comes with a good mezcal, it becomes more memorable.“