SM Makati: A Date with Jeffrey


(SM Woman skirt, SM Accessories necklace, earrings, and clutch, Jeffrey Campbell shoes all from SM Makati) Hype this look on Lookbook here.

A date with my new Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I mean. For about 3 years now, the brand has been available exclusively at SM Fashion Forum, at the 3rd floor of SM Makati. Whenever I tell my friends that they don’t have to fly out of the country just to buy JC shoes, they don’t believe me! Classic case of “pics or it didn’t happen”, so I hope this post is enough proof. 

Back in 2010, I went through all the hassle of ordering from a international site just to get my first pair of Jeffrey Campbells. I found out about the brand through fashion bloggers who featured the JC Foxy Heel Platforms on their blogs. I ended up getting a pair for myself because of the chunky heels and edgy design! 4 years have passed, and while my taste in footwear may have drastically changed since then (don’t know if I can still pull off wearing JC Litas given my current style), I still feel strongly about Jeffrey Campbell designs. They keep up with trends, but also offer classic designs here and there.


Visiting SM Makati regularly has its perks, and one of them is finding out about special weekly deals. Jeffrey Campbell had a 15% off discount on all regular items last week. Of course, I didn’t miss the opportunity to get a pair for myself! 

There were so many pairs to choose from, but I ultimately decided on this particular one, for a lot of reasons. It’s definitely different from the simple and safe designs that I usually pick, but I love how it’s still wearable and versatile enough for everyday use.

I dared myself to style it for a casual dinner date, and with some effort, it surprisingly worked! My boyfriend (my real date slash photographer who was starting to wonder who Jeffrey was) even told me that these shoes look more comfortable than the ones that I always wear. He would know - I always express my discomfort to him whenever I wear sky-high pointy toe shoes (lol @ the things I do for beauty).


Finally got to wear my SM Woman pleated midi skirt too! I’ve had this in my closet for about a month now, and I’m glad I saved these perfect pleats for this perfect date.



Black and white with gold accents is a combination that I will never, ever get tired of. True enough, it didn’t fail me when I tried to style a date outfit with my edgy JC shoes!


Have fun shopping at the Jeffrey Campbell section in SM Makati! Maybe I’ll see you there this weekend?

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Breakfast Club

Branding agency Anagrama never ceases to impress with their beautiful projects. Here they’ve taken on the branding for a luxury breakfast delivery service located in Dubai, “Breakfast Club.” This company delivers breakfast wrapped up in a package that resembles something received through traditional post, complete with brown paper, stamps, and twine. Here’s what they had to say about the project:

“Our branding proposal for Breakfast Club takes inspiration from traditional postal imagery and elements, such as stamps, seals and stickers over Kraft paper, the traditional postage packaging material. Even so, Breakfast Club is a brand that preserves simplicity and cleanliness in its vintage style. The main brand icon is based in the sound of birds singing in the morning, making it the secondary concept, along with a color palette inspired in bright sunshine and the blue morning sky.”

See more images of the work here.