Brown University develops first wireless, rechargeable computer brain interface.

Until recently, all crude forms and attempts at brain-computer interfacing have faced a number of problems. From their bulk to their immobility, they have shown more issue than help. 

With the creation of the newest, and most successful attempt at BCI (Brain-computer interfacing), the Brown University has taken a major leap towards the merging of Humans and technology. 

Originally tested on primates and pigs, it showed promising data and has gathered incredible and clear neural information. Instead of being tethered to a computer in a lab, this Wireless interface allows researchers to study the brain during food gathering and social behaviors, finally showing us what the brain really does in situations of the sort.

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2 Day Weekend!!

Finally got a 2 day weekend! And I used yesterday for Skyrim. I missed it so much. Thank you to Nick who gave me it. My last one broke into 3 pieces… I don’t know how.. I’m a High-Elf heavy armour/destruction/single hand weapon/restoration/enchant/smither. I feel like a genius. Level 16 in a day. Pleeeeased.

Also, everyone say HI to Brainspunk, my first real follower :D