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▬ Elogio de la sombra, Jorge Luis Borges
▬ Rayuela, Julio Cortázar
▬ Drácula, Bram Stoker
▬ El aleph, Jorge Luis Borges
▬ El laberinto de la soledad, Octavio Paz
▬ Ficciones, Jorge Luis Borges
▬ Aura, Carlos Fuentes
▬ Bodas de sangre, Federico García Lorca
▬ La caverna, José Saramago
▬ Siete noches, Jorge Luis Borges

▬ Arte del Color, Johannes Itten

By Saadia Toor

Discourses of race, gender and sexuality have always served an important ideological function within imperialist projects. The current phase of American imperialism, characterized by the Global War on Terror is no exception, as evidenced by the cynical deployment of ‘women’s rights’ by the Bush regime to legitimate the bombing of Afghanistan. Given the contemporary geo-political context, the current imperialist project requires the deployment of increasingly explicit forms of Islamophobia, and ‘queer rights’ have become the latest front in this purported battle between Civilization—liberal modernity as embodied by ‘the West’—and Barbarism—as connoted by Islam. Within this neo-Orientalist discourse ‘the Muslim’ enemy is today configured as both misogynyst and homophobic, with an essentialized Islam comfortably posited as the roots of his illiberalism. This illiberalism is then presented as both the mark and the evidence of Islam’s radical alterity from Western civilization, an alterity that cannot be tolerated and must, in fact, be destroyed. Like colonial and imperial projects in the past that relied on ‘civilizing missions’ (cl)aiming to ‘save brown women from brown men’ (for a counter argument see Spivak 1999), the new imperial project thus uses the imperative to ‘rescue’ Muslim queers (as well as women, of course) as an ideological cover for racist wars abroad and xenophobia at home.

The main thrust of this essay is to show how misleading the contemporary mainstream Western discourse on ‘Islam’ and gender/sexuality is, and the degree to which it is premised on an essentialized and monolithic ‘Islam’ emptied of history, diversity, complexity, and dissent.

In this our 152nd episode of the Braingasm Podcast we get all timey-wimey again.

We began as we do every week with Ben claiming that his electronics were involved in a secret plot to kill him. 

After that the pair discussed Cesca’s new job and what it’s like to work at a makeup counter when you have a head cold. This segued naturally into a lengthy discussion of the soft drink Crush. 

Following this the pair talked Doc. Doctor Who is back and we have opinions! We tried to keep the discussion spoiler free, but some may have slipped through the crack in the universe. 

Finally we discussed the fact that you can buy a watch on Amazon for $117,000 (plus tax). Don’t believe me? Check it http://amzn.to/1pjjjmO 

Alright. We out. See ya! 

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i love the human body

the insides the guts

not in a gore-ish way

in an admiring way

how beautiful and perfect

and unique

and we didnt do anything

we were created by nature like nature handcrafted us

and we grow

wow im having a braingasm here dont mind me

mercying said:

oh wow your theme just made me braingasm. i am so green with envy right now TEACH ME THE WAYS OF THE IMMORTALS because tbh my opinion ? oh wow, you're like a GODESS. honestly. your writing ? incredibly poetic, beautifully graceful ; as if you delicately choose each word to suit the paragraph & the character. gdi. you're so special to me omg never leave. you're also one of the kindest people i know, absolutely empathetic & passionate. a humane soul, bless. xo i love you so much

   give me honest opinions.

                                                    i. crownless.

/ wheezes taylor !!!!! taylor i love you so much. i’m practically green with envy whenever i see you on my dash. your writing is utterly phenomenal, & your grip on every single character you’ve ever played is astounding? but pls you are so wonderful & kind, & i’m v pleased i get to call you my friend. uvu


In this our 151st episode of the Braingasm Podcast Kurt is back!

We began as we do every week by talking about where they get the donor penises for sex change operations.

After that we talk about the summer’s best television shows. We deep dive on Nathan For You and Gravity Falls. We also talk about Halt and Catch Fire briefly as well as Pushing Daisies. 

After that we talked about the bummer news of the week which is the untimely passing of Robin Williams. We talk about the nature of depression, and our mutual frustration with people only caring about mental illness in the time immediately following a tragic public suicide. 

We talked about all of the weird stuff that has happened since the last time we recorded together, and how Vladimir Putin is really killing it on the evil super-midget front. He’s putting up career numbers. 

Of course it wouldn’t be a Ben and Kurt episode if we didn’t talk about vidya games. We talked about DOTA, Papers Please, and a bunch of other games. FInally we ended with a little Guardians of the Galaxy. 

This was a jam packed hour. Lots of laughs, lots of side boob, lots of grown men screaming into the void. Enjoy.

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