So much fuss about a pair of tits…

Hinata had a generous bust for her overal size since her middle teens. After 2 pregnancies and breast-feeding for several months, of course it would grow more. And this:

is a realistic portrayal of it.

Half of the moms I’ve seen have a chest exactly like Hinata’s. 

Have you seen Karui in ch.700? She used to be the definition of flat chest but in the epilogue tadaaa:

It’s a natural result of motherhood, not turning a character into a sex object for fanboy’s squish.

Especially when Hinata doesn’t show an inch of chest skin in either of NH’s family photos.

Yes, Naruto wasn’t one to care about big breasts. But he still doesn’t. He obviously doesn’t care, when his wife buttons up her shirt up to her neck even in their own kitchen. 

So he once had a crush on a girl with small chest size. God forbid he develops romantic feelings for a girl who happens to have a big bust next. God forbid the animation team decides to subtly touch up the figure she’d been hiding under baggy clothes in a movie about her happy ending, where she’s the heroine. As if girls never make sure to look attractive on several occasions where they know they’ll be noticed.

The fanbase of a character who dresses on her dates as conservatively as this:

doesn’t give a cent about how big her boobs are.

Let that sink in.

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