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1. Favorite artist/band & why?
The 1975; their lyrics have changed my life and the way I perceive it and for that I am thankful.

2. What is a piece of art that has changed your life in some way? (could be anything from a painting to a song to a book) The movie Heathers has showed me the advantages and disadvantages of highschool (I’ll be a freshman this fall)

3. What would your ideal day be? Waking up to freshly made waffles and two coffees for me and the one I love. Then after breakfast we’d get dressed for the lovely fall festival and enjoy The 1975, Bad Suns, and a bunch of other amazing talented artist. On the drive home we’d stop at a thrift shop and dress in silly clothes and goof around. To end my ideal day we’d cuddle in our pjs with cups of hot coca with tiny marshmallows and watch Sixteen Candles. ♡

4. Things you look for in a partner.
Intelligence. Great taste in music. A love for movies and nature. Must be able to put up with my weirdness and my terrible hair days. (I don’t really care for looks; as long as you can accept me for who I am I should be able to do the same for you.)

5. Something you’re passionate about? Writing. I could write for hours on end. It could be anything from poems to stories. You name it.

6. How do you imagine yourself in 7 years? I honestly hate talking about my future, it fucking scares me. But 7 years from now I’ll be 21.. I imagine myself as a big kid. I’ll still be my quirky awkward self just older and more wrinkly (jk).

7. What era do you wish you were born in? 1950s. Back when guys rode killer motorcycles and girls were crazier than ever. (I also loved the way the dressed.)

8. What is more important to you money, family, friends, or happiness, and why? Happiness. You could have friends, family, money and be miserable. Happiness is what gives me life.

9. Names that you like? Travis, Matty, Andrew, Kris, Alice.

10. What is your star sign & do you believe in astrology/horoscopes? 
I am an Aries. And I do believe in them as naive as that sounds. Because one day it actually came true and my mind was fucking blown.

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1. Favorite was to spend a Sunday?
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9. Something or someone you miss?
10. Past Present or Future? (It all depends on how you chose to view the question.)

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