Photos of me performing at Brain Frame 16 on January 25th 2014

I performed a greatly expanded version of my comic about a ghost in love (who is an asshole). My headset microphone malfunctioned and I had to scream the entire comic. I ran around with sparklers and led the audience in chants of ‘MURDER’ and ‘DEATH IS REAL’. I died onstage and became a giant cloud of smoke.

Video coming soon. I’ll be printing the full comic very soon as well : )


Brad Rohloff, accompanied by Tyson Torstensen on the Hammond organ and Ross Bradley on slide show and extra vocals, and with the assistance of Lyra Hill, Jared Larson, and Emma Rand, performed his comic There is No Love for a Lonely Soul in an inflatable ghost costume, screaming the monologue (of a born ghost desperate to kill the human he loves) while smoke filled the room, and brandishing sparklers to encourage the audience in chants of “MURDER” and “DEATH IS REAL” at BRAIN FRAME 16 on January 25th, 2014.

Photos thanks to Gillian Fry.


Chicago’s legendary performative comix reading series BRAIN FRAME descends upon Brooklyn for second time, more potent, more puzzling, more preternatural than ever before. Please join us to witness eight artists from Brooklyn and beyond interpret their work in front of a live audience, incorporating elements impossible to reproduce on the printed page. BROOKLYN BRAIN FRAME 2 will see young rappers, interactive gifs, a giant foot, queer quizzing, sad dance jams, opportunity for retribution, and much, much more.

Featuring performances by:
Elvis Bakaitis
Olivia Fox
Zebadiah Keneally
Sakura Maku [with Duane Bruton, Danny Campbell, Lily Galib, Lyra Hill, David Hollingsworth, Wilfredo Ortega, and Don Paris Schlotman]
Harrison Stewart
Matthew Thurber
Tom Toye
Lisa Wilde [with Infinite Cubia and Matthew Shields]

Please bring CA$H to purchase comics, zines, prints, posters, and whatever else readers care to hawk. All proceeds go to artists.

at Brooklyn Historical Society, 128 Pierrepont St, Brooklyn
8pm :: $8

BROOKLYN BRAIN FRAME 2 is organized in association with the Brooklyn Zine Fest, April 26th and 27th from 11am to 6pm at Brooklyn Historical Society.

Poster by Tom Toye and Lale Westvind.

what I like most about Liam and Louis writing the majority of the album isn’t just how they worked together but how they thought about how all five voices would work together. I keep picturing Liam and Louis coming up with this great tune and thinking “oh man, Harry’s voice would sound incredible doing this” or “Zayn would kill this bridge” or “these lyrics would sound amazing coming from Niall” and just having all the boys in their heads the whole time, not just writing the songs but writing stuff for them, so in love with their individual talents and creating an album that would highlight all of them because even when they write on their own or grouped off they’re always thinking about each other and how they work in harmony, still so obviously amazed by each of their talents after three years 


Brain Frame is a pivotal happening in Chicago’s storied underground art history. Brain Frame exploded onto the scene on July 28th, 2011, and has continued to blow minds and expand the very definition of comics. To audiences, Brain Frame is an original, undefinable but always impactful happening. It is also a place where bonds form between artists, leading to collaborations and mutual support in what can be an isolated and competitive medium.

Our third anniversary and final show, this August, is kicking off with the launch of the Brain Frame Yearbook! This book is a true collector’s item, a gold embossed leatherette compendium of every unforgettable Brain Frame event, stuffed with portraits, photos, memories, and original content from performers and audience members: comics, essays, flip-page animations, as well as jokes, games, and the winners of the Brain Frame Superlatives.

Our all-volunteer Yearbook Club is working hard to collect all these memories, and we need your help! To ensure that this richly illustrated, cleverly handsome tome is produced in time for the show, Brain Frame needs to raise $7,779 by July 1st. This will cover the cost of 300 books, each 160 pages, half color, half black and white, full bleed, hard bound, and foil embossed at a final cost of $25.93 per book. Our Brain Frame ethos of embracing risk is so strong that each book will be on sale for only $25! Keep your $0.93, keep the memories, and call us crazy. We love that.