So here’s how to make a necklace out of t-shirt yarn! (Tutorial on how to make t-shirt yarn here)  There’s a million ways to do it of course, and many different tutorials, but this is my favourite using a flat loop manipulation braid I learnt at uni.

Steps 4-8 can get pretty confusing!  So here’s a few diagrams I found that may make it easier to fathom!



..because newest chapter of Sansukh made me think of Thorin braiding wee Fili’s wisps of hair so here I am drawing instead of sleeping=___=

God I can’t draw children worth nothing, but I had such fun with Thorin and his giant fingers trying to get a grip of those little tangles and setting them right, And Fili of course falls asleep, and for Thorin it’s one of those small happy things that he treasures because there’s so few of them so I framed it as a happy memory of a sort.

Curse you fanfic, curse you!


Gimli and Legolas are so adorable in the story I just can’t >_< And Determamfidd is such an amazing writer and a cool person and deserves all the fanart ever:D

So I just had to draw them - and gosh it took so much time to get Leggy somewhat right^^” (can’t draw pretty people to make them stay pretty>_>)

Here Leggy learns how to braid hair (with a thought of maaaaybee someday braiding Gimli’s beard) to the Dwarf’s utter amusement. Well, he’s an Elf, all his braids have been simple - and made by his dad/Tauriel>___> Oh, Leggy, you need more practice if you want to tackle all that red hair:D 

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