Laughing with my own mother tongue (West-Flemish). I love it!


Dan Braha video - for curiosity - same guy who’s work on Brazil, leaderless networks, and civil unrest I linked to here. (I threw in a deindividuation reference, natch.)

Here he’s talking about the financial crisis. He’s basically looking at the stresses and mechanisms which precipitate civil unrest, strife, and ultimately revolution. But what are the effects on society of these stresses before the cork pops?

zarryscandythong asked:

this is an embarrassing story I might have told it to you but in the 2nd grade we were on the floor watching a movie and I was in the back with some other kids and we were having a contest to see who could put their leg behind their head and when I went to do it I FARTED LMFAO and everyone was like ew and I was like /: so I tried to blame it on another kid but im pretty sure they knew it was me


Send me ur embarrassing stories

History Repeats Itself….

Braha: A Tale of Innocence & Intrigue

By: Julie Mangano
Genre(s): Fiction, Historical fiction, Mystery, Intrigue

Publisher: Julie Mangano and Amazon Digital Services

Disclaimer: While I was given a review copy of this book, no attempts on my life historical or modern were made to get me to write a review of this book.

Description: Linden St. Clair is working overseas when she learns her beloved…

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