Most of my photos on here are from instagram so I thought I’d upload some of the full pics! :) With the ever dapper Darren Criss at the Audi Pre Golden Globes party Sunday Night at Ciccones in Hollywood. 

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Brad Everett Young & Jamie Bohannon photographed by Gabriel Gastelum

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Yeah! Sometimes I have to be censored for the kiddies! Okay! A lot of times! :) Just a moment of Bradley during a shoot last year with Gabriel Gastelum! 

'The best revenge is success!' Don't waste energy fueling hate for others/things/situations. Redirect that energy to yourself/life/family/career & you might be surprised the amount of good it will do! Photo By @laurenamoore


Teaser for the shoot I did with Gabriel Gastelum last year! What a phenomenally FUN shoot! If you’ve not seen the pics from the shoot please visit

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