I am here in a most wonderful out-of-the-world place, which looks as if it had begun to be built yesterday, and were going to be imperfectly knocked together with a nail or two the day after tomorrow.

—Letter from Charles Dickens upon visiting Syracuse in 1869, quoted in New York, A Guide To the Empire State (WPA, 1940)

Images, from top to bottom, left to right:

1. Syracuse, NY

2. Syracuse, NY

3. Etna, PA

4. Cleveland, OH

5. Pittsburgh, PA

6. Braddock, PA

7. Stowe Township, PA

8. Stratton, OH

9. Syracuse, NY

* * *

Dan Wetmore is from Pittsburgh, PA. He could have been from Buffalo or Cleveland and the story would have been the same: he developed a fondness for the rich industrial history and aesthetic that surrounded him. Still, he could have been from Miami or LA: he digs photo. He received his BFA from Syracuse University in 2013 and still lives there—immersed in the photo community, a TA at the university, a lab intern at Light Work. He works at a food cooperative, drives and maintains a Buick wagon and is into local food. Find more of his work on his website,, follow him on Tumblr at and check out Golden Dawn, his upcoming show at Light Work in Syracuse (3/17-5/30/14).

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