Toronto International Film Festival

It’s September, and that means some of the biggest names in Hollywood have come to town for the Toronto International Film Festival. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to sit down with Jessica Brantford, Vice President of Communications for TIFF, and ask her a few questions about this year’s festival.

Q/S: Thanks so much for agreeing to talk with me.

JB: No problem.

Q/S: So what’s this I hear about— Oh my god that’s Brad Pitt! Brad Pitt!

BP: (walks down the street)

Q/S: Brad! Braaad! Over here! 

BP: (to someone else) [inaudible]


BP: (enters a building)

Q/S: That was Brad Pitt!

JB: Yeah, it was.

Q/S: Did you see him?!

JB: I did, yes.

Q/S: He has a beard and everything! Did you see his beard?

JB: Yes.

Q/S: Wow… Anyway, thanks for the interview.

—Carolyn Fauatea