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Ayeeeeeee @br33zy_fromharlem @_scorpioqueen19 (at US 1 Key Largo)

I wanna be left alone to be sad and sit near a w33ping willow and shade but the temp is nice and cool and it’s br33zy and drizzling that would made me so happy but instead I’m stuck looking at a bright scr33n at 1 in the morning with 3 quizzes coming up and if I fall asl33p now ill get 6 hours of sl33p but they don’t understand I’m just a kid and I can’t handle 4 honors classes and 2 AP classes and have interests and skills that actually help in life and do what my parents want me to do and have a social life why why is it all piling up with no assurance that anything will work out I can’t wing it if I have no idea what I’m doing and no help whatsoever and I’m sorry if this long post annoys someone I’m sorry I’m just so sad or mad I don’t even know what I f33l ill shut up now don’t mind me carry on and have a wonderful day I wish you all the best in like, everything haha lol imma try and sl33p sorry and also sorry for saying sorry okay I’m stopping now bye