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GQ Awards: Benedict Cumberbatch on what’s happening next and how he relaxes

anonymous said:

so i saw your post about that nasty things people were saying about you i was wondering what the aftermath has been with those people? do you know?

actually a bunch of em came to me and apologized real sweetly and the #posi movement has only spread its reach, share the love my friends im unstoppable!!! rejoice!! 

Someone felt comfortable to tell me they identify as lesbian. I told them I identify as queer. Then we started talking about dating since she recently started dating after a break up. I brought up how during the brief time that I had okc, I had reached out to several women and none wrote me back. She asked if I had identified as bi on my profile. Of course I did, because I did not feel the need to lie about my sexuality by putting gay or straight because I don’t identify as lesbian and I’m not straight either. Anyways we had a nice talk about bi phobia and it was really cool.

Shoutout to everyone who supports bi/pansexual/people who are attracted to more than one gender.


today’s hxh_69min was “lipstick” ! i filled it twice because the two of them HAD to be a set, you see

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this 5 year old is spot on!