• sirius sneaking food from the hogwarts kitchen into the library to bring remus because he skipped lunch to study, again. and sirius doesn’t get it but that’s okay.
  • remus coming home from work in the early days after leaving school and he’s tired and the flat is empty and so he goes over to james’ and lily’s and sure enough through the window there’s sirius sitting on the floor, patiently playing endless games with baby harry. and sirius looks up and beams all big and bright and remus isn’t tired.
  • remus wrapped in a blanket reading some obscure muggle novel, his body tired and aching after the full moon, sirius warm next to him reading about motorcycles. until sirius gets bored and chucks away his magazine and curls his body around remus’ and then, well, his obscure muggle novel doesn’t seem quite so interesting.
  • remus
  • and
  • sirius
  • help

anonymous asked:

A lot of people who reblog your work might not be following you and aren't seeing your updates on you not wanting them to be tagged as "me" or "kin". Perhaps you should add that to the description of the work itself?

even works that DO have it in the description are being tagged lmao

tbh its boiling down to a matter of respect to me, at least, and a greater issue ive noticed about the kin community here on tumblr were they seem to really like tagging other tumblr users personal art as themselves and it really pisses me off