& here are Payndas incapable brothers 😂😂😂 #girlsrule#boysdrool#boysgotojupiter#youknowhowthatshitgo#puppypower#lovemypitoryoustanklikeshit#pitbull#dontbullymybreed

Every time you get a new girl, just know I’m sitting here rolling my eyes and chuckling to myself at your naivety. Because I know damn well that within a few weeks, you’ll be crawling back to me with the same bullshit apology. How you fucked up and she wasn’t the one. How I’m the only girl you’ve ever actually been in love with, but you keep fucking it up. And for some reason, after a year of going through this not-so-playful back forth, I have no idea why I give in to you. You really don’t mean that much to me. I care about you, and I wish that we can be true friends without our feelings getting muddled in the mix, but dude. I am not going to be on your back burner anymore. I’ve officially closed that door. So when she doesn’t cure your loneliness like all the other girls before her, I’ll be here for you as a friend, but don’t you dare try to fuck me up again.