With my first incomplete year on Tumblr nearly at a close, I decided that I needed to thank all of the people who made my blogging venture simply fabulous! If you’re included here, thank you so very, VERY much! I had a wonderful time watching my innocence fade away into nothingness with you. If you aren’t here, don’t worry! I also thank you; I’m just short on time and I follow 121 people right now.

If all goes well, I’ll have my blog for quite a few more years, so I hope to get know all of you much better!

(All of those pictures are of my cat, d'Artagnan, by the way. I couldn’t decide what fandom to use and I can’t draw to save my life.)

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25th Times Lucky?

WHAT HAPPENED TO 25TH TIMES LUCKY                                                                  

(The originally made bl ‘pseudo manga’ on the blog

Like I accidentally stumbled across it today and read all four chapters, and then, only THEN, did I realize the fact that the last post was about 5 months ago.

Sob. Does anyone know what happened? An answer would be great.

 I kind of need to tell you how I feel about you…because everytime I look at you I feel my heart racing, my cheecks blushing and all my body vibrating…

..but how?…would you reject me?…would you hateme after wards?…do you feel what I feel too??

anonymous asked:

Who is your fav blawg(s)?


Schelly’s Mystery Anon is awesome. And Boysareinlove. And Life Could be Good is amazing even though it hasn’t been updated in a while. And Ask Domestic Destiel is frigging awesome (they just updated, too). And Ask Super-Magic Kids. And this one (I spend most of my time on tumblr or reading porn. Don’t tell my dad). And Ask-Child-Destiel. Ask IRL Team Free Will updates pretty frequently (because they’re so awesome). Their Cas has a pretty awesome blog too. Swing-Set-in-December is amazing. Ilovemyjawn is crazy funny and awesome. Can’t forget my amazing girlfriend (of almost two years now), Littlebunnysander.

Ack… That list got really long, really fast.

an outline of my friday night

1) go to chipotle and eat it with my friend at a playground

2) feel fat
       a)  cry on the inside

3) stop myself from obsessevly texting new boy i like
       a) probably do it anyways 
                     - oops

4) try get no.6 dvd back from ex boyfriend

5) cry because no.6 feels
       a) MY FEELS

6) draw fanart for because i said i would and still haven’t gotten around to it. BUT I WANT TOOOOO

JUST UPDATED! First page of Chapter One!!! :D

The first page of the first Chapter of the NEW VERSION of 25th Time’s Lucky is now posted!! :D I’m making good progress so I hope in the next few days I can upload more pages!

And because you asked for it, now it’s available in Spanish! (Ahora disponible en español, porque ustedes lo pidieron :D).

This is how to view the new version of 25th Time’s Lucky:
Cómo ver la nueva versión de 25th Time’s Lucky:

STEP ONE: Go to my blog and click on “Pseudo Mangas”.
PASO UNO: Ve al blog y da click en “Pseudo Mangas (ESPAÑOL)”.

STEP TWO: Click on the TITLE of the Pseudo Manga.
PASO DOS: Haz click en el TÍTULO del Pseudo Manga.

STEP THREE: Click on the Chapter you want to read.
PASO TRES: Haz click en el Capítulo que quieras leer.

Thank you so much, guys!!!! I really hope you like it….it’s just one page, thou. Nothing much to see….but the next pages will be available soon!! :D

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or Facebook  if you want previews and updates on the progress or if you just want to talk to me! :)