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Why "Boy of the Forest"?

So I’m going to tell you the story of why my online alias is Boy of the Forest (boyoftheforest, etc.). It really is the essence of who I am. I feel like I’ve never really grown up when it comes to discovering things in nature, exploring, and going on adventures. I never want that to end. I’ve always  been an explorer at heart (even if only in the back yard). That’s the first reason.

The second reason is that I am a Gamer. I love video games, and love the fact that I grew up in an era where I could watch the technology of them grow before my eyes. I used to think that Super Mario had amazing graphics, and now we’ve got games like Battlefield 4 coming out soon!



But back to the reason behind my name, the bread and butter of my summers with my brother (wow, no rapper style rhyme intended there) was gaming on our N-64 (Nintendo 64). My all-time favorite childhood game was Zelda: the Ocarina of Time. This was my first quest game, and I felt the same sense of discovery when I played that game as when I was outside exploring nature. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is my “Zelda” these days, but I still enjoy the old game just as much.

These two elements combined when I was thinking of online names, and I think it’s the most fitting for someone of my nature.

Until next time,

— Boy of the Forest

Flying home for the weekend

So I had a great time at my gallery opening last night at Duke with my Mom, Nan, and Erika. It was nice to see people come out, support my work, and give me feedback.

Today I’m heading home to Tampa for my cousin’s wedding and flying with my Mom. :) I love flying home to Tampa. It’s always nostalgic to fly in over the bay with the cool city lights lighting up over the water. 


Until later today!

– the Boy of the Forest

*** I claim no ownership or rights over the photo used above. I’m just using it to express an idea. :)

Entomology Class - Blaberus giganteus

So I love studying bugs and other creepy crawlies, but I’ve never been a big fan of roaches or spiders (bigger than a jumping spider). But today in entomology class, I (briefly) held a Central American Giant Cockroach (Blaberus giganteus)!!! I’m proud of myself for facing my roach heebie jeebies. :)


MFA stuff

So I’m really excited to be starting my graduate studies. Duke is awesome, but I already knew that from last summer. :)

There’s a lot of stuff going on for me already aside from classes. I met with E. O. Wilson’s Biodiversity Foundation CEO and discussed opportunities for me to be involved. :) They are doing some amazing work and you should be sure to follow them. Here’s some of their most recent work:


In addition to the EOWBF, I’ll be working for National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative this semester under one of my advisors (Professor Stuart Pimm). I’m excited to document research in this area in new and challenging ways, and push myself as a wildlife photographer and filmmaker. To learn more about National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative, visit: http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/big-cats/

Well, I think that’s all for now. I’ll be sure to give more details as I go, and there should be more soon! Please follow and support my work!

– the Boy of the Forest (AKA - Matt Cicanese)