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By @vegantake0ver “They’re not agriculture companies. They’re chemical companies. #monsanto #dupont #syngenta #bayer #dow #gmo #gmos #chemicalcompanies #agentorange #ddt #aspartame #btcotton #btcorn #boycottgmos #glyphosates #roundup #chemicals #pesticides”

Agent orange was an herbicide that was sprayed over Vietnam during the Vietnam war in order to destroy forests and crops. Many US military personnel were exposed to the chemical, including my uncle who got a random brain cancer in his 50s. Today the effects of agent orange are more disturbing than ever. If you google “agent orange mutations” you will be extremely disturbed at what the children being born today are facing. They’re born with horrific mutations and disorders due to their parents being exposed to agent orange. Monsanto and bayer created agent orange, and since 1996 they have been genetically altering plant seeds by injecting bacteria from other living beings into the seeds. If you go google “gmo inside” there is a great website that will explain all of the tests that have been done on gmo seeds and how they effect our health. We are basically voluntarily eating agent orange daily. Over 60 other countries have banned or labeled gmos, but the United States continues to deny this major issue. The reasoning behind the US’s denial is mostly because Monsanto has donated billions to politicians in order to sway their opinions. These huge food-chemical companies are like the mafia, and the more people turn a blind eye, the more we may see irreversible effects in he future. This isn’t about republican or democrat, black or white, Christian or atheist…. It’s about everyone and the only planet that we can call home. We need to stand up before it’s too late. 80% of the food in major chain grocery stores are gmo foods. The first step is to boycott. Start shopping at smaller local health food stores and farmers markets. And next time you see a vote about gmos, use your voice wisely. #boycottgmos #monsatan #marchagainstmonsanto #bangmos #labelgmos

Such a waste of life. The pain and suffering these animals had to go through just to be thrown away 😩😩 repost by @inside911

BREAKING NEWS-Nestlé is recalling certain varieties of Hot Pockets after learning they’ve potentially been stuffed with “diseased and unsound animals.” The company is voluntarily pulling the product from the shelves as part of a massive USDA recall of 8.7 million pounds of meat processed by Rancho Feeding Corp. The meat in question, per the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is “unsound, unwholesome or otherwise are unfit for human food and must be removed from commerce.” According to Nestlé, a “small quantity” of that meat may have made its way into the Hot Pockets produced at its California facility. The affected products are Hot Pockets brand Philly Steak and Cheese in three different pack sizes, and Hot Pockets brand Croissant Crust Philly Steak and Cheese in the two-pack box (more details on the specific batch numbers here). Other flavors — Ham & Cheese, Meatballs & Mozzarella, Bacon Cheddar Cheese Melt, etc. — are “safe”. #hotpocket #hotpockets #neslie #boycottgmos #labelgmos #bangmos

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. Corporations like Monsanto (they own coca cola) have taken genes from animals, viruses, and bacteria and injected them in plant seeds. They say the reason for this is because the plants will be immune to certain bugs or weeds and therefore eliminate the need for pesticides. The problem with this is that test rats grew stomach tumors within months of being fed GMO food. The bigger problem is that Monsanto is patenting the GMO food so they can sue any farmer who grows them without their permission. What is an organic farmer to do when wind or animals bring contaminated soil onto their farms? They are put out of business by the lawsuits and the fact that their farms are now contaminated! Once all organic farmers are gone, all we will have is this genetically modified food. HE WHO CONTROLS FOOD CONTROLS THE PEOPLE. Can you see where this is going? The extinction of natural food. The beginning of corporations OWNING food. GMOs were grown in earth soil starting in 1996 without proper testing. George Bush senior played a large roll in letting the GMO food to be grown without proper testing. If we don’t stop them soon, all of our earths soil will be contaminated resulting in humans getting cancer. Cancer is the biggest money making sickness in the medical industry. When you start to put the pieces together, the puzzle becomes very clear. Control, money, slavery. #boycottgmos