37 Democrats And Counting To Boycott Netanyahu’s Speech This Tuesday

37 Democrats And Counting To Boycott Netanyahu’s Speech This Tuesday

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to deliver a highly controversial speech to Congress this Tuesday. In an unprecedented move that the majority of Americans oppose and many believe to be a crime, House Speaker John Boehner bypassed President Obama and directly invited the foreign leader to speak. Netanyahu is expected to be highly critical of the Obama administration and our…

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So in other news

Late last night I found out Iggy has been nominated for 4 Grammy’s (I’m late I know) and honestly this is a travesty, and I’m really upset. So idk if this is a good idea but we should have our own Grammy’s on here the night of the actual Grammy’s (it’s in February). We can honor POC who have been overlooked, while we simultaneously ignore the media’s buzz on this year’s Grammy ceremony. Idk if any of our mutuals would be interested in collaborating, but that would be cool also.

 And to our followers, hit up our inbox and tell us what you think! Who are some artists you think were snubbed? Who should be nominated etc.

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Boycott Hollywood Forever!

Muertos commercialization is out of control in LA.

How many Mexicans were suckers enough to pay $20 to attend Día de los Muertos ‘party’ at Hollywood Forever Cemetery? Paying to have your own culture sold back to you is ridiculous. LA Raza Needs to Boycott Hollywood Forever!

Same applies for all hipster Day of the Dead processions, art walks, concerts happening tonight and tomorrow in SF, Tucson and anywhere else. Basta ya!

For those interested, there’s a Muertos danza ceremony tonight at Parque Mexico in Lincoln Park. It’s free and open to the public. Follow us on Twitter for details.

#diadelosmuertos #dayofthedead #boycott #hollywoodforever #elay #corporatemuertos #reclaimit #thinkmexican

Business Insider: The Russian Cheese Black Market

Business Insider reports on the strange new black market in cheese that is emerging in Russia: 

Russians Are Buying Cheese The Same Way People Bought Weed In 1980s Brooklyn

Back when the EU, Australia, Norway, Canada, and the US placed economic sanctions on Russia, Russia responded by banning a bunch of imports from all of them. That ban included a lot of food — meat, dairy, vegetables, and so on.

Unfortunately, people really like food — especially cheese. So in Russia, they’ve devised ways to circumvent this inconvenient ban when it comes to the good stuff.

Corner stores have become black-market cheese dealers.

"A sort of speakeasy scene for French and Italian cheeses evolved which was akin to buying drugs from 1980s bodegas in Brooklyn," one Moscow banker told Business Insider. "First, you walk into the bodega slowly, trying to wipe any suspicious look from your face. Then you pretend to look around the shelves for a while until the clerk recognizes you, at which point you and the clerk make eye contact and establish that metaphysical connection that signifies to both of you ‘I’m here to cop an ounce.’ You wait until there are no customers around, approach the clerk. He takes you to the back room, shows you the goods, you haggle over the price, shove the bag in your pocket, hand over the cash and bounce. Except here you’re leaving the store with a ball of fresh Italian mozzarella…"

Or some amazing camembert, or brie … You get the picture.

Read the full story. I recently posted about Jay Robert Close, the American expat cheesemaker who is responding to the Russian demand for cheese with stepped up production. 

JAY Z nominated for three Grammy Awards

In the list announced today, Hov has managed to earn three Grammy nominations for his work in the past year:

Best Music Film

  • Beyoncé & Jay Z: On The Run Tour

Best R&B Performance

  • Beyoncé - Drunk in Love (feat. JAY Z)

Best R&B Song

  • Beyoncé - Drunk in Love (feat. JAY Z)

Tune in to the awards February 8, 2015 to see if Hov comes away with any new gold sippy cups to add to his nineteen sitting at home.

Sidebar: Yoncé got robbed.