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IN VIVO ft. Boyant - Moje leto

To srce balkansko i more jadransko , svima ću pričati da moje leto siii ♥

11 Questions That I Never Had the Chance to do Before (☝΄◞ิ۝◟ิ‵)☝


Rule 1: Post the Rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you then make 11 new ones

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1. First thing you look for in a partner?

If you have good looks, dress fashionably, and got booty. 

2. Watch this video and this one and tell me what you think of them.

First Video: *automatically thinking within first few seconds* Ooh, hot boys, this is gonna get spicy~ I’m not into that hip-hop style but they’re so cute I’m gonna keep watching omg. Also they have GREAT hair!!

Second Video: Ads ADS! Ok here we go! Holy crap that was dark and all in all I think the thing that really got me were the cute Korean boys!

3. What’s your favorite TV or Drama?

At the moment I gotta say probably Star Trek!

4. Where would you live if you had the money?

I always wanted to stay in California, it’s just too diverse and fun to just leave compared to other states I’ve been to! I always wanted to live in either San Francisco or LA, but now after I visited Huntington Beach again that sounds really nice. I love the weather there and I always loved the ocean!

5. What do you want to do as a career?

Graphic Designer. And it’s just a fancy term for artist so hopefully I actually get a a job

6. Would you learn another language if you had the opportunity?

I already had that chance in high school and I was like “nope!” I did it and I didn’t really care for it at all so probably not, no. Like that guy on the rosetta stone commercial, “I took Spanish in high school and I was a miserable failure!”

7. What do you think the school system should add or take away to make education better?

Get rid of homework, just assign more quizzes or pop quizzes to see if students are actually paying attention. If they do bad, that’s their fault and they should study!

8. What was your first URL on Tumblr?


9. Eating or sleeping?

Sleeping! You won’t get flabby if you sleep instead of eat!

10. Science homework or math homework?

Math absolutely disgusts me. When will I use math for my future career, at least let students pick what they know will be helpful for their future! So science homework it is! But it depends on the science though! If it’s biology, go ahead and throw it at me! I also liked the space science units in high school too!

11. Writing or reading?

Writing! I like to do things myself.

- - -

1. If you were able to meet any famous musician who would you meet, what would you say to them, and how would you react?

2. Tell me a few things you’re worried about in the world’s future?

3. What do you think is the most annoying trend right now? (fashion style, society, lifestyle, you name it.)

4. Put down some things you’re really proud about yourself here!

5. What sorts of groups and organizations do you support or associate with?

6. Who’s your favorite celebrity and what relationship status would you want with them?

7. If you had the power to change the world, how would you change it?

8. What if we’re living in the alternate universe. . ?

9. What makes you hopeful for the future of humanity?

10. Who’s a celebrity you don’t like and tell me why you don’t like them!

11. Type down 3 of your favorite blogs here!

fem-boyant said:

why the fuck are you called daddy mink? if mink was a dad he'd rape his kids to death. fucking disgusting

*plays a sad song the worlds smallest violin* hey did you know that it’s not ok to send people asks like this and accuse them of stuff that they have never said and blame characters actions on them and come up with disgusting things that they would never do *drum solo* because it’s not ok *strums guitar* and if you want to politely and respectfully talk to me about mink and tell me why you don’t like him *breaks guitar over your head* that is ok

—Así que sí es una nena.—

dijo la latina, mirando la ecografía en sus manos. Habían salido de la consulta con el ginecólogo más temprano, y todo parecía ir viento en popa, sin ningún tipo de complicaciones mayores. Naya estaba absolutamente boyante.

Volteó a mirar a su esposa, una sonrisa pegada a su rostro, mientras acariciaba su ya hinchada barriguita de embarazada. No le había molestado sacrificar sus grandiosos abs por aquella pancita, todo fuese por la pequeña Morris-Rivera que crecía en su vientre.

Naya lucía radiante. El embarazo le brindaba una luz y una vida a su rostro y su persona, que simplemente hacían que la morena se viera resplandeciente y hermosa. —No sabes lo emocionada que estoy de tener a nuestra hija, mi vida. 

boyant-jello said:

how does your voice sound so great I just expect it to be in an anime with californian voice actors (I'm not sure if you are from California it's just that a lot of animes that are dubbed have ones from cali)

I’m from the Netherlands, actually.

I’d have to get over the great pond before I’d ever even come close to voice things with people in Cali.

But thank you!

FMI advierte sobre déficit y peores condiciones en Ecuador

FMI advierte sobre déficit y peores condiciones en Ecuador

FMI advierte sobre déficit y peores condiciones en Ecuador

El Fondo Monetario Internacional advirtió el miércoles sobre un aumento del déficit público y un empeoramiento de las condiciones externas para Ecuador, al concluir una evaluación de la economía del país suramericano.

“Un déficit fiscal ha resurgido a pesar de una boyante recolección de impuestos”, impulsado por las inversiones públicas…

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Mind: Path to Thalamus Review

Mind: Path to Thalamus is easy to systematise though formidable to parse, a first-person nonplus diversion that’s not about a puzzles though instead about what they mount for. Like many other games that seem on Steam and boyant in and out of a common consciousness, this is a psychic tour that prioritizes find over solution, and it’s a mostly successful one, heading we by one beautiful sourroundings after another so that we competence ogle a perspective and consternation about a definition within Path to Thalamus’ incomparable narrative. And it’s that account that provides both a game’s tumble from beauty and a ultimate salvation.

Mind: Path to Thalamus owes a debt during slightest in partial to Myst and a sequels, games that disfigured your mind into knots when we weren’t admiring a surrounding beauty and introspective a mysteries we were unveiling. Here, we ramble by several surreal locales–meadows crisscrossed by mill walkways and dotted with pillars, floating islands connected by intense portals, and beaches surfaced with balmy blue skies. Making your approach by this universe means carrying wire-mesh orbs and dropping them in designated regions in sequence to impact a weather, spin day to night, or make walkways corporeal. Discovering how we change a universe around we is unique to a experience. Not usually do we learn on your possess how to make it rain, though we also learn what that sleet means for a universe around you, and what it means for evading your comely mental prison.

There will be no tomorrow if this day can’t be incited to night.

That continue pattern is one of several ways Path to Thalamus ties a puzzle-solving to a story. You assume a purpose of a coma storm-chaser, grappling with his shame while stranded inside his possess head, confronting a detriment of dual desired ones with a singular name. The waste were a outcome of his continue obsession, a specifics of that are usually hinted during as a male narrates your tour by his brain. This is a clumsy story; it takes itself so impossibly severely in a approach it slathers on a academic metaphors, and in a narrator’s possess sad recollections, some of that are formidable to listen to. This is due in partial to a voice acting, that doesn’t promulgate a sobriety a essay calls for, and in partial to a lead’s self-pity, that done me wish a account board had been embellished on by a subtler brush.

Nevertheless, a final turn competence not have worked so good had a prior few hours not been so insufferably earnest. I’d rather not exhibit how a narrator’s remorse is so dramatically subverted, solely to contend that Path to Thalamus army a protagonist to glance during his possess uneasy reflection. The overthrow is itself undermined by a script’s stability insistence on adhering with a many old lessons possible, though we appreciated a game’s eagerness to askance a possess vanity, along with a fundamental rapacity and arrogant goodness of a shame complex.

Fortunately, Path to Thalamus’ puzzles and settings mount detached on their own, supposing you’re prepared for a delayed gait fundamental to labyrinth by a spaces. There is no run button, and we have to tinker a bit to expose any level’s exit, so pattern to try and exam a game’s limits, bumping opposite a (sometimes invisible) walls that hang a map and stumbling by a occasional murk. Most of a puzzles aren’t demanding, and behaving them mostly requires some-more bid than indeed devising a resolution to them. Even so, some of them exhibit a artistry of pattern that’s unfit not to admire. we had a array of “Eureka!” moments when we detected how rolling an universe down a sold mountain could energy a array of rising platforms and lift an ambiguous fog, timing such events in a approach that eased my thoroughfare to a new area. The many considerable moments, however, come in a after chapters, when we contingency face a vivid colossus and purposefully brush opposite genocide so that we competence continue to live.

A few annoyances interfered with my adventure; we got stranded in place twice when perplexing to make leaps we hoped competence have crafty results, and anticipating an universe in a weed when night has depressed can be a frustration. These are tiny irritations, though in a diversion this focused, such irritations can linger. Fortunately, a delights dawdle as well–the overwhelming landscapes, a grand clarity of scale that pervades a few of a after levels, a suave demeanour in that a final unfolding reimagines a archetypical video diversion boss. Even if we don’t tumble in adore with Path to Thalamus, we think we won’t be entirely defence to a gravity.