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Boy Friend | Boy Friend EP  [Self-Released]

Austin-based dream pop maidens Sleep ∞ Over had one of the most hauntingly ethereal releases of 2010 - a 7" single by the name of Outer Limits which currently adorns a shelf in my study. It isn’t clear whether Boy Friend is merely a side project or a full-time venture for Sleep ∞ Over’s Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown, but regardless of affiliation, their new EP is a grand showcase of their brimming talents. Palazzolo’s voice absorbs and echoes with spacey resonance, backed by tonal ambiance that makes good on the inevitable early-Beach House and Cocteau Twins comparisons - a fitting soundtrack as the frost on your window thickens. Their moniker is irrelevant, I just want these girls to keep making music - so go buy the EP over at their bandcamp. I doubt you’ll spend a wiser $4 today.