Magic in blueby *Boxjelly1

this was sprung from Elinor’s line, “Your father doesn’t believe in magic” which is something i found very interesting, and rather charming about their relationship. That even though Elinor is refined composed one, she’s also the two of them who believes in magic. this says to me that under her controlled demeanor, there’s this whimsical side to her that looks for such things, a cute contrast to crazy boorish,and yet loveable Fergus.

for this reason, upon seeing a wisp, while Elinor is thoroughly enchanted by it, Fergus is startled and doesn’t know how accept what he’s seeing. the mighty bear king cowering behind his strong beautiful queen

hooray! you guys get a special preview of the art for Chapter two! This is for my story Vagabonds.

~Grace sits in her bedroom window, looking out at the fleat as it passes over her house. Her Cousin Susan is far more excited about their arrival then she is


Grace and Mathew’s home is the place of legends. Rumored throughout the galaxy to posses a curious healing property, they soon attract the desperate att…

Chapter two is here!

I’d be delighted if you gave it a read :D and please leave me a comment if you do.

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