Mayweather isn’t a hero or champion. Champions don’t beat 5 different women on 7 different assault charges. Hero’s don’t slam his children’s mother’s face in with a car door then punch her several times. Mayweather is a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve a cent of that 80 million or any title other than scum woman beater.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao (my opinion)

So if you can win by hugging and dancing around, instead of actually fighting, then why don’t they just ban punches and make boxing a dance off?

Winning by decision, by barely fighting, is not exactly a win in my eyes, and not worthy of respect for that win. After all the hype…..

Well, they all get rich from it so…kudos for Mayweather and Pacquiao for going all the way.

My fav comments from Twitter:

“Fight stats:
PACQUIAO: 256 punches, 88 landed.
MAYWEATHER: 234 hugs, 15 miles running.”

“Just remember that Floyd Mayweather just made $180 million dollars running around in a circle for 36 minutes. ”

“We should all agree we were lucky Kanye didn’t interrupt.”