by CrimsonSox

A friend of mine likes to say that clothing in magazines only looks good because of how handsome the models are.  But one glance at Taron Egerton’s transformation from slob to spy  in the Kingsman testifies to the power of style.  

It might be thought that putting on any suit would have the same effect, but not all suits are so well-cut and fitted.  Just compare Colin Firth’s suit with the ones worn by these politicians. Their jackets fall straight down, giving a boxy and bulky look even to the President, who was fit.  

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#handmade by me Looney Tunes boxy crop top. Made out of %100 cotton fabric is light weight with *NO* stretch. All edges have been finished with a zig zag stitch. If you have any questions please convo me!:) comes with US tracking! *Please measure carefully to ensure proper fit*
Shoulder to shoulder - 16”
Bust - 47”
Length from shoulder - 18.5” $40+shipping
comments “SOLD” with email and country, once invoices sent must be paid within one hour! #plussize #plussizeforsale #closetsale #looneytunes #90s #croptop #ruffles #personal

shutupweasley asked:

First, congrats on getting through this month! :) You should be proud. Secondly, what's your opinion on those who enjoy eating meat?

Yay! thank you so much <3 idk if you wanted me to publish or not, but i completely approve of people that eat meat. i eat meat. my husband eats meat. .my cat eats meat. cheetahs eat meat. wolves eat meat. it’s the circle of life. i approve of the industry and i approve of it all. after working and studying the industry through my undergraduate studies and into veterinary school, the industry is very well controlled, well managed, and NOTHING unhealthy goes into the meat. I think people need to be more educated before they make their decisions, such as hormones consumed actually don’t cause any damage to your system because they are broken down. hormones only actually affect you if it is injected into your blood stream. meat has natural hormones in them anyway so they will NEVER be “hormone free” but either way, they actually don’t speed up periods for girls and stuff like that. they literally just break into amino acids like a normal food source.

hormones have been illegal to be put into milk since the 40s (i think i am never good with dates) so milk in our lifetime, despite what organic sites and people say, have NEVER had hormones or antibiotics. in fact, dairy farmers don’t treat their animals as much as possible so they have VERY good conditions to where they have to use antibiotics MAYBE once every couple years and if they do, the cow isn’t allowed to be in the milk that is transported for at least 10 days until she has fully ridded her body of it

okay i’m getting on a soap box. i’m sorry, but yeah. i’m TOTALLY fine with both sides. in fact, i do find vegetarianism a much healthier choice as long as you are doing it safely. you still need proteins for your muscles and body and genetic expression. 

what i DON’T approve of is vegetarians that bash the entire industry based on propaganda because those pictures PETA show you? those videos? the videos are clipped to look worse, and the photos? no, the industry does NOT look like that. just don’t give in to the propaganda and develop your own opinion before you bash the industry. i understand if you don’t like it, it is a harsh reality, but don’t base your opinions on uninformed, radical propaganda. 

Bad Day (Haruka x Michiru)

Even superheroes have bad days. Written for HaruMichi Femslash February prompt #11 Trapped together/huddling for warmth.

(Or, doing things in order is clearly not my strong point).

My long-standing writerly adviser Xrost came up with the scenario for this one and said, go forth and write, and the finished fic made her laugh, and she’s generally much better at funny stuff than me, so…

(Also this writing is still very rough and needs serious tidying, but oh well)

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oh god is this the age where i attain the parent mindset

bc i’m suuuuuperrrrr glad my childhood didn’t have mobile phones, excessive internet use, makeup and fashion worries

i am honestly worried about children growing up with so much social media and technology that focuses on impossible standards to pertain to

like i see kids today and i’m like “wow how sad for you, no yugioh duels, no big boxy macintosh computers, no destinys child, do u even know what blues clues is, HOW Will U UnLEASh UR CreaTIVITY WITHOut LEGOO???”

idk maybe being brought up so early on with today’s technology/social media won’t be as bad as i think, maybe i have just reached my inevitable ‘old man yells at cloud’ stage

admittedly, dropping $700 for minor repairs on my car early this morning for the umpteenth time made me feel like buying a boxy german car 6 years my senior was a ~bad investment~ 

but like. the big ole happy bubble swelling up inside my chest when i drove it on the highway this afternoon? maybe i’ll keep it around just a little longer.